Motivation Monday needed!

Hello there, and what a sunny day it is! I think we can finally agree that we have entered the Spring season, and whilst I may still be in boots, a cute purple coat and a thin rollneck, I feel like there’s a spring in my step.

I may have done really bad in my most recent essay, but it didn’t count. I also got the best mark I have ever got last week, so I need to realise that I’ve just had a small blip and I really can keep going and keep impressing myself on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Keep going Soph, you’ve absolutely got this!

Now, I don’t follow that many blogs, but I follow the wonderful blog ‘Tigeress Lifestyle’, in which every Monday, the author shares some motivational tips to keep you going throughout the week. This week’s made me realise that I rely on people I don’t know giving me words of advice, and that this does actually help me to get through. So, here are things that motivate myself, to help me motivate you! We’re so close to the dreaded annual ‘exam season’, and we all need a little pick me up every now and again.

  1. Buy yourself that outfit. It’s in your basket, and has been for a little while. Buy it, treat yourself. You’ve absolutely earned it, you’ve pushed yourself to the limit, which leads me to Number 2.
  2. Go on a mad night out! To phrase the famous saying, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. It’s true. Don’t get me wrong, this can’t happen all the time. But, every now and then, we need a pick me up and a reason to get a bit lairy. Tour is my time to have fun (next week eeeeeek!)
  3. Eat that chocolate bar. Obviously. We all want to be healthy, but dig your teeth into the triple chocolate. All good things come in threes. Have it.
  4. Watch that TV show. Last weekend, I did a busy day of rehearsals and rewarded myself with watching Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway. Last night, I ordered in a Chinese and put a facemask on. I’ve woken up on Monday morning rejuvenated and ready to go. When you’ve got the time, and ticked off everything on your ‘To-Do List’ (my iPhone reminders are a Godsend), relax! It’s so necessary. We can’t all keep going forever. We have to let our bodies, like our electronic technology that we rely on so heavily in a postmodern world, recharge.
  5. Treat your skin. I’ve just purchased my first ever box from ‘Love Me Beauty‘, it cost me £5 and I’ll be putting my hair in oils and rubbing potions and lotions in my skin that will hopefully make me look younger, just like my fringe does. I only did a 1 month subscription, but if I really like it, I’ll most likely renew my subscription. (Don’t worry, a blog post of the products will be coming).
  6. Realise what you’ve done, and be proud of yourself. Yes, you can get shit marks (a la myself) but you can also surpass everything you thought you’d ever achieve. You should always see your self-worth, and that you’ve always got a circle of friends who will cheer and spur you on to the very end.

Two years ago today, I FINALLY got my UCAS confirmation that Warwick University gave me a place to study, and it’s a piece of news that has truly changed my entire life. I couldn’t be more thankful to the department for offering me a place. Whilst there may be some lectures that question why I study (#breadgate), on the whole, I couldn’t be where I am, or be where I want to be without being at uni.


Keep going, you’re only going to get better. I’m proud of you, reader who I can’t see your face, and I know everyone is too! Listen to this, it’ll make you feel better. 


Sophie x





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