Hello there and I hope you’re well! I know I am, I’ve just come back from a wonderful day in London. Finally, a day where I can break free from the elusive campus bubble and venture down South to my favourite city ever. London. I didn’t just go to London for no reason however, I actually had a job to do. I was a social media correspondent for #YMS16, otherwise known as Youth Marketing Strategy 2016 at the Roundhouse in Camden. It was such an incredible day, so much so I’m blogging about it so soon after getting in!

So because so much happened today, I’ll just do this in short paragraph style and then add some photos. If I’m honest, I’ve been up for so long and I can feel my body falling on me but I can power through and write one blog post!

For the day, I woke up at 4:54 and left my house at 5:49 in order to get the 6:13 train from Leamington Spa, to be at the Roundhouse for 8am. All obscenely disgusting times. I never want to catch the 6:13 train again.

One thing I need to stress is the liberty of how expensive the train ticket was. Now I know I was travelling in peak time, but over £70 for travel for ONE DAY is LUDICROUS. When I paid, I felt my bank account crying.

I’ve not actually explained what I went to in London, sorry… here is an excerpt from the website itself:

“Voxburner’s flagship event is back for a fifth year – YMS is the biggest coming together of the youth marketing industry in Europe. Join 1,000 brands, agencies, universities and youth organisations for a 2 day festival where the future of youth marketing will be decided”.

My job was simple. To live tweet the event and promote #YMS16 to the world.

It was SO MUCH FUN. I LOVED IT. I listened to an array of incredible speakers, from Primark to Boohoo, Unilever to many creative agencies; it was fascinating to hear what adults think of our market, and how they expect that we absorb data and information, and how we implement different factors in our life.

Some speakers were absolutely SPOT ON! They really did hit the ‘sweet spot’ when it comes to youth marketing. In particular, one of the first speakers was discussing Cadbury’s, otherwise known as the ‘coolest brand’. We have all definitely tried to mimic the gorilla and eyebrow adverts many a time. I know I have.

One fact I found particularly interesting is that 1/3 of young people would rather have a mobile phone than a wallet with them all times. Whilst this is not my case, I must admit I have accidentally done this a few times and not worried about my purse being at home… it’s always in my room, I’m just such a klutz!

A talk I really enjoyed in particular was the ‘future of media’, with Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed are one of my DREAM employers, and I even got brave enough to ask a question about ‘viral media’; a phenomenon recently exploding on the scenes of Twitter and Vine in particular. Once the talk was over, I tweeted wanting to find the speaker on social media so that I can get in contact with him and potentially get experience at Buzzfeed… I’ll let you know how that’s all going on, so far it’s going well. But it’s very early days.


As well as this, I kept tweeting a man from the company HelloU, and by the time I was on the train home, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a DM hoping that I’d got home safely (he didn’t appreciate my long journey at all, sadly not a Londoner), and that if I ever wanted to write/work for them, I have a space. Beyond exciting. ‘Little Old Me’ could be growing evermore…

It was also very exciting to speak to Radiator, a fashion PR company, and I cannot wait to look into this further and potentially see if I could work with fashion brands.

There’s one thing I haven’t discussed: the food. INSANE. I ate so much random stuff, from Vita Coco water (disgusting, never again) to kale and cinnamon chips (ew) to seaweed crisps (sooooo good!). I had Mac and Cheese for lunch and the most glorious cake pops throughout the day. Needless to say, I feel like a stuffed pig and my hunger pangs were always cured.

On the whole, it was just wonderful to be in London for the day, breaking the uni bubble and having a great time listening to a wide range of speakers and how successful they have become! It was also fun working with such a wonderful team: Ellie, Hannah, Sofia, Demelza you are absolute stars and you’ll be super successful!

What a social media squad!

For a song for the event, it has to be this bad boy!

Enjoy, (I’m off to bed…)

Sophie x



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