International Women’s Day!

Hello there and happy International Women’s Day! As a 19 year old attempting to find herself at university, and get a good degree in the meantime independently, International Women’s Day is just a major day of celebration. Firstly, I got a piece of essay feedback for the first essay that I gave in in 2016 and I got my highest mark yet! Thankfully, I’ve managed to hit my essay writing mojo and I actually feel confident in my essay writing. Makes a delightful change from crying and breaking down that I wasn’t good enough for uni. It’s a pleasant deviation from my normal behaviour; and I want to keep feeling like this!

As I type this, I’m currently sitting in the library (which isn’t big enough but that’s ANOTHER issue in itself) and I’m doing some reading for a long essay. It’s for my module on Russia and Ukraine, and I’ve decided to focus on a famine. Don’t get me wrong, it is super cool to learn about a famine that happened only 80 years ago yet the behaviour feels like 800 years ago. But, it does make me feel depressed. I’ve got 3,000 words of notes in about 90 minutes (bossing my degree), so I thought I’d spend a tiny 10 minutes of procrastination on celebrating IWD! Wahoo!

Okay, so to celebrate, I’m going to go through a few of my favourite women on this planet! I do have an infinite number of idols and women that are an inspiration, but this is just a taster. The first two, I’ll explain, the next few (for me), are extremely obvious.

Emma Watson:

Not only is she Hermione Grainger, my absolute favourite fictional female character from any film ever, but where does the woman fail? Gorgeous, intelligent, charitable, conscientiousness, witty, polite… too many positive adjectives to attach to Emma Watson; one blog post could not suffice the amount of love I have for her! The #heforshe movement is INCREDIBLE.

"Noah" - UK Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

I mean, look at her. Absolutely flawless with a hint of sass. What a woman.

Uzo Aduba:

Now I understand that this may not be the most typical one from me, but I absolutely love the programme Orange Is The New Black and I think the character of Crazy Eyes, played by Uzo Aduba is SO important to be discussed in modern society. The knots she wears ties up all the different ways in which a person can think; and it doesn’t matter if a person is not exactly ‘there’ in every which way, but the sheer fact in which everyone can get along and work together is epitomized perfectly in Aduba’s characterisation. Plus, she’s also coming to the West End to be in a play.

(Anyone want to buy me tickets?)



For writing a song called Flawless. For dropping albums and shocking the world. For being the sassiest bitch the world has ever seen. For giving us the best lyrics ever such as ‘I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly’. For being with Jay-Z and providing us the ultimate dance move in the club to pull all the ladz. Yes, with a z.

Yes Beyonce, you are absolutely flawless. Even from the early days, I’ve been ‘Crazy in Love’ with you.

Blake Lively:

This is me being narcissistic, but I genuinely think Blake Lively is perfect, and any opportunity to dress in a way like Serena Van der Woodsen is an oppportunity I will never turn down.

For the love of God, Blake needs to stop being so perfect.

Hillary Clinton:

Purely for running against Donald Trump and still having just as much media coverage, besides the fact that Trump is a bigot, a misogynist, an idiot. CLINTON WILL MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Signs Copies Of Her Book 'Hard Choices' In New York
Hillary Clinton being a kind soul, unlike Donald Trump (what an idiot, I swear if I find a Trump supporter anywhere in Arizona…)

Ellen Degeneres:

Not only is Ellen one of my favourite animated characters in ‘Dory’, she challenges the conception that LGBT is a minority. A kind-hearted soul, whom will look out for any person that she encounters. Plus, she presents one of the best shows ever, and is one of the only shows where I will watch it from the UK even though it’s in the US. (Excellent first name too.)


39th Annual People's Choice Awards - Portraits
  No, it’s not Niall Horan. 

So there you go, just a few women whom I consider to be inspirations on this women’s day. I could have gone down the historical route but let’s be real, there are too many. From Wollstonecraft to Pankhurst, Seacole to Parks, Joan of Arc to Boudicca, women have shaped our history in such a similar fashion to that of a man, and we only get 1 day a year to fully celebrate?

Let’s go gals. Tonight, crack ope n a bottle of champers, put a facemask on whilst you’re having a bubble bath, get a Domino’s pizza delivery, put alllll the moisturisers on and be rest assured in the knowledge that you’re a woman. And you’re a powerful woman at that. Who run the world? GIRLS.


Sophie x


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