Week 8 = Week Great!

Hello there once again and a Happy Mother’s Day to you all! As I write this, I’ve just come back from an all day rehearsal with my best friends working on a student-written musical and it’s absolutely incredible! Super proud of my pals for being even more talented than I ever thought they were… makes my 13 year old self consider just how talented I actually was. I have nothing compared to them.

Also, today is my Mama’s birthday which is great, but I always feel a slight tinge of sadness that I’m not there to celebrate with her on her birthday OR Mother’s Day. The Facebook status and phone call this morning had to suffice, but it’s not long until term is over because, madly, I’m about to enter Week 9 of Term 2?

I’d been told by my pals in the year above me that this is where, to pardon the phrase, shit gets serious. No more formative essays. It all counts now. Nervous doesn’t quite explain it. I just want to do my tutors justice for all of the hard work that they’ve put into me this year; I’ve been so fortunate to learn from some incredible tutors that are also just great people. However, before I knuckle down fully, I made sure to make Week 8 a mad one, and I definitely did! As per usual, here are some wonderful pictures from the week I want to share with the world, and the meanings and stories behind why I love them so much.

So the first thing that made this week wonderful was going back to Circle with CMD! Now Anything Goes is finished, I can spend more time with another society whom I love dearly; and I got to wax my best friend’s leg hehe. I mean, if his boyfriend is doing it, why can’t he? Anyway, he absolutely loved it and I think we’ve converted him.

Sorry Rob. You’re worth more than £1 really.

Way too much fun doing this!

And now for a lovely group photo with Philippa and Joe. So much love for these two!

Update: I’d got a fake tan on Wednesday morning in preparation for the balls, and I was changing race throughout the day. Here is me at my darkest, where I resemble a Morroccan.

My tan is ridiculous, but I love it.

As I discussed a few days ago in Thursday’s updated blog post, I went to see the lovely Katherine Ryan once again. Thursday was extremely bizarre, I had seminars on evolution and Polish history where my tutor told me I could party whenever I want to because I always get my deadlines in on time (what a bae) and then I was drinking wine watching one of my idols.

Although I sadly didn’t get to meet Katherine again as she had to rush home to look after her child and let the babysitter go, it was great seeing her in my uni venue! I’ve applied for tickets to go to Safeword again the day before my birthday so I’m hoping I can see her very soon…

An excited bean!

Okay, so the next few photos come from the first ball of this week, and I’m going to rate them a la ‘Four Weddings style’ to give you a real vibe of the night!

Venue: Royal Pump Rooms, Leamington Spa, 9/10 (Improved with if the alcohol was cheaper, but then I didn’t actually buy any, I just saw my friends getting ripped off instead).

Food: GORGEOUS. Soup, chicken wrapped in ham and the most gorgeous potatoes and carrots with gravy, and then a chocolate torte with truffles and espresso cream. Delightful, and a solid 10/10.

Dress: I mean, let’s be real, my Mum purchased this dress for me, so I knew I was on to a winner with it. It’s from Warehouse Spotlight range (I think) and I mean I felt even more like Elle Woods than ever before. I teamed this dress with nude heels with a perspex heel and a purple coat because IT SNOWED ON FRIDAY EVENING? Obviously, it’s a 10/10.

Overall Experience: Wonderful, great, sublime, LOVED IT. Super fun, from the photographer to winning a bottle of prosecco in the raffle to dancing the night away with great people. It was a perfect way to end a week at University and reminded me of all the love I have for CCCMD. You know us, we’re dancers…

I am a poser, add me on snapchat: sophtommo
My lovely CMD housemate Beth, and the best Thomas twin ever!
The gorgeous Rob and Joe!
Mamas sending their babies to the ball!


The second ball of my week was on Saturday night, and it was with History! It was a stunning night with some of my best friends, and I got so many compliments over the whole night and people coming up to me saying they know me and I was like Okay great… to which my friends were like, ‘You’re such a BNOC!’

*BNOC = big name on campus.

Okay, now to the rating.

Venue: Chesford Grange, Kenilworth. A wonderful venue, with a champagne reception and the grandeur that was required for the theme of the ‘Orient Express’. 10/10

Food: So sick! But, in a good way. Soup for starter WITH croutons, beef which was so tender, with dauphinose potatoes and veg and then the stickiest sticky toffee pudding ever. Oh, and to add to this, there was a tower of Krispy Kremes in which our table took LOTS (well done team, smashed it!) and a huge pick and mix stall, in which once again, I took many. 10/10

Dress: I mean, come on… look at this! It’s from the Michelle Keegan range in Lipsy and I have never felt more like a celebrity in my entire life! From the black lace to the illusion fitting to the dropped back, it was awesome. Loved it. 1000000/1000000. (Well done Mum, you knocked it out of the park!)

Overall Experience: Just a delight to be in the company of some of my best friends on my course, and have a whale of the time in the photobooth and dance the whole night away. The DJ was also so good, and when he played Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude, I was in my element. It’s one of my favourite songs, even if it reminds me of someone who I got with, and we didn’t necessarily end on good terms. A wonderful night on the Orient Express. 10/10.

Feeling like Mary Poppins in my Practically Perfect dress!
The lovely Katie, Amy and Ellie! X 
Sassy back of the dress selfie!


So yeah, Week 8 was a week of balls and getting glam. Now it’s back to the reality of Week 9, but I’m adamant it will be Week ‘fine’. It will be because I’ll be listening to this the entire week, courtesy of Kathbum’s ‘banging’ playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qj5zT4t7S6c 


Sophie x




  1. Babe was beaut before but like even beauter with that fringe ❤️ How do you work hard, party hard AND look gorgeous at the same time? (P.s. Majorly looking into going to Warwick uni!!) xo


    • Oh stop it Jess! Honestly the fringe is a marvel, it actually gives my hair a style and stops it from looking dead! My tutor gave me some life advice on Thursday; get all your essays and seminar readings done then you can never feel guilty about doing other things. Uni isn’t alllll about the degrees, it’s about looking good, feeling motivated and in a constant state of happiness (at least that’s what I try!) Ahhhhh do it! I’m on a year abroad next year so I’ll be a finalist and you’ll be a fresher xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ohmagod and we’d have a crossover year where I can come to you for life advice with my irrelevant fresher problems and you can cry about exams xxx so excited for your year abroad tooo!


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