Week 7 = Week Heaven

Hello again! I hope you’re all well! I know I am, I’ve just done my nails and I feel a tiny bit pampered for the next week. I’ve been looking forward to this week (29th Feb – 6th March) for a long time now, and it’s finally here! But, this week has been just as wonderful, surpassing all my expectations. Whilst it’s been crazy busy, I’ve enjoyed every second and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I got to have my last show week with my absolute best friends by my side, and it was wicked.

You may remember me saying from a previous blog post that I was taking part in the university’s musical of Anything Goes at Warwick Arts Centre, our main theatre and performance space in the centre of campus. Anything Goes was always one of my favourite shows, and before coming to university, I marvelled at the idea of performing in it one last time, and that came true! I, once again, got to play a sailor and it’s just such a fun part! Here are some wonderful pictures that I took, and were taken in the dress rehearsal. You’ll see just how much fun I had!

1 Blog So these two selfies, because I am a selfie whore, are both of my outfits that I wore during the show! It was so great to wear my summer ball dress on stage, and keep wearing it and feel like a princess all the time! My sailor outfit was also extremely comfortable, and I felt very sassy wearing white flare pants that screamed Mamma Mia! Clearly, the white trousers were very see-through (or sea-through, sorry for the nautical pun…) but I had my granny pants on and felt great.

2 Blog One of the main reasons as to why I’ve enjoyed the whole process so much is because I’ve had two of my best friends, Rob and Kelly, by my side every step of the way! I cannot express just how great they both are, even my sister loves them… (and I’m the tallest in this photo, result).

3 Blog4 Blog So these two photos come from the dress rehearsal from the musical number, Buddie Beware. The song, in a nutshell, is all the sailors being in love with Erma and we just want to spend all our time with her. Playing a role where I’m sexually attracted to my best friend was interesting, but don’t worry, I kept it platonic. Also, look at those flares and the use of hair gel in the guys. Absolute top commitment from the #saiLADS.

5 Blo

Having my hair curled every day was an absolute treat, and look at what Louise Porter did to my hair on the Saturday! It was sooooooo cool and I felt like a bridesmaid, even if as I type this, my hair feels dead 🙂

6 BlogAgain, another ADORABLE photo of all the sailors. The children of the forest have now grown up and got jobs working on a boat, where will we all be next year?

7 Blog So for the preset of the show, a few of us sang each performance into a microphone that genuinely made you sound as if you were in the 1930’s. Think Andrews Sisters meet Taylor Swift. But, also this picture is great and taken with X Factor fame.

8 Blog Haha, oh god. I had to leave this till last. So, in the dress run, we were doing one move and I, being an absolute klutz, knocked the cake over. A vital prop for the last scene. This photo captures my shock beautifully. Clearly not doing the dance, running out of the circle, not in character, just having an absolute mare. I have a mare often, for example today, I left my purse at home. For the third time this year. Idiot.


So, as you will know by now (hopefully), I am a writer for Warwick’s branch of the Tab, a nationwide online student newspaper that publishes articles written by students. Throughout February, they’ve been doing a type of article where you have to write about your hometown. Being from ‘the worst place in humanity’, I decided to write an article about my hometown: check it out here! http://thetab.com/uk/warwick/2016/02/24/luton-bit-rough-thats-makes-great-13091

What I didn’t realise about the article is just how popular it would become! Within an hour, my friends were liking, commenting and sharing it on various forms of social media. I couldn’t quite believe it! My local MP tweeted me that I had ‘highly insightful analysis’, and it’s had over 1,000 SHARES! Easily, the most successful thing I’ve ever published, and it has really given me a taste into a future career path that I could go down. Even better, I’m now getting PAID for this article as it has reached over 1,000.

I’m also going to an event in a couple of weeks time in London on youth marketing, and the lady who I had to send my CV to called me the ‘Harry Potter of Social Media’. I hope this means that I can cast a spell over any form of social media, and make it super attractive and great and wonderful, just like I try to with this blog!

I finally received the official email from Northern Arizona University that I’ll be going abroad and I’m on ‘full admit’. OH MY GOD.

Well, clearly, it’s been a week that kept going higher and higher, and next week sets to be exactly the same! I’m going to see my housemate perform in a competition, get back to teaching, go out with my dance club, go to two balls and see Katherine Ryan once again! Thank God I have enough funds! I know that I’ll be dancing to this song all the time, plus it shows Katherine Ryan being sassy and a idol of mine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMeuIki2rHM


Sophie x



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