I’ve come to the halfway point of my degree in England?

Hello again! As I did in Term 1 of second year, I thought it’d be fab to share a few pictures of my term thus far and give you all a giant catch up for what’s been happening in my studying life in 2016!

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It wouldn’t be university without prinking in a kitchen before going to a night in the SU! To promote Anything Goes, we went in a nautical theme, and we clearly made so much effort into the theme. I’m not exactly known for putting in lots of effort, in fact the opposite. DIO LOE is a chant normally shouted at me.

(Down in one, lack of effort).

2 Blog I have an obscene amount of drunken selfies on my phone, but this one was pretty cute and did indeed sail its way to other platforms of social media. #socialmediasoph went on a mad one.

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Where would I be at university without rehearsals? Probably sitting in my room and actually doing a degree! SHOCK. This photo comes from the end of a rehearsal for a student written production, in which I play a sultry goddess who has to be super sassy and strut across the floor. (I definitely don’t do that in a club, no…) 4 Blog

Oh, here we go, another drunken selfie. In the Smack toilets. This club is number 7 in the WORLD supposedly, but it’s really not. I absolutely HATE Smack. But, I went as the end hole for a pub golf sesh, hence the attire. In fact, I only went to one ‘hole’ and didn’t even get the required drink. I don’t dabble in the golf scene well.

5 Blog Last week, I sang at a jazz bar on an open mic night! Whilst being quite scary and at some moments daunting, it was super fun and I would definitely recommend doing exactly the same if you want a quick confidence boost, or just go along and support other members of the public having a little sing song! I’m so glad I did this in front of my best pals though. You guys ❤

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Sorry for the vanity here (the £6 Boohoo dress working IT)! Last week was our club fundraiser for Anything Goes, and it was an absolutely hilarious night! Everyone was STEAMING and many a story was told over the next few days in rehearsals, in person and across social media. Thankfully, I didn’t spend as much as some of my pals, and when the night turned into everyone getting off with each other, I instead took cheesy chips to my lips and caressed them like they were my one true love.

Oh, that’s the only thing that’s touched my lips on a night out in 2016 (apart from alcohol). Shit.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed that little whistlestop tour of the last few weeks! I’ve certainly been loving life, and I finished my last short essay today, which is fab! Completing an essay 3 weeks before the deadline has been rewarded by buying myself a Victoria’s Secret bodyspray; Love Spell is the dream scent. Following on from the theme of ‘love’, I’ve been obsessing over Zayn Malik’s new song ‘Pillowtalk’. Isn’t Gigi Hadid gorgeous? Isn’t the song so powerful? Isn’t it sassy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_3d6GntKbk


Sophie x


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