‘Nude Kiss’ or ‘Happy Days’?

Hello again, and a happy new year to you all! I cannot believe that we’re in 2016. Who’d have thought that we’d all be entering the year as Beliebers. I had such a great New Year being in the company of my best friends. You know you had a good new year when it takes you two days to readjust your body clock, but it was totally worth it. Now, I actually have to get back to work which sucks. Thankfully, my department at university have been absolute BABES and I have no deadlines to do over Christmas. It feels extremely bizarre, and I’m actually stressing that I’m forgetting something! I keep checking my module pages everyday, and I definitely don’t have any essays due; which I like but also very much don’t like!

My blog isn’t about updating you all about the ins and outs of my studies, but blogging about things that I love. In this case, I’m actually going to start something new for my blog and that is review beauty products! Now, I know I’m not exactly Zoella or Tanya Burr, but I thought, why not give it a go.

So, for Christmas, I received a gorgeous bag full of lovely, little gifts from the cosmetics brand W7. I’d heard of them before, but had never actually purchased any products from them. I absolutely love wearing makeup; whether it be glitter based or not, I’m a sucker for brushing on enough foundation that my skin cannot breathe – very unhealthy for my skin, I know. W7 were on a stand at the Clothes Show, and as soon as I received the gift, I just looked at Mum and went ‘Clothes Show?’. I’m very glad that she got it for me!



In the goody bag came this mascara, and if I’m honest, I’m not 100% taken by it. I really like the size of the mascara, but for me, the brush was way too small so I couldn’t get all of my eyelashes in one stroke. One thing that I did really like about the product was that the brush does bend, meaning you can get into your eye. However, the mascara itself is so thin that it barely coated my eyelashes. Normally, I use Soap and Glory’s ‘Thick and Fast’ and I cannot recommend that product highly enough. To be honest, no mascara for me will compare to Soap and Glory! I’d use W7’s mascara for topping up my mascara during the day rather than using it as a base coat.


Okay, so this is definitely my FAVOURITE product that I used from W7. It’s a glitter lipgloss that you simply use as a topcoat above lipstick. I am absolutely in love with it, and I will definitely be using this for parties. It’s lovely and thick, so you actually get a decent gloss of glitter over your lips. But, it’s not so thick and gloopy that your lips feel as if they’re sticking together. It feels wonderful on my lips and it’s actually very cheap to buy, so I will definitely be stocking up on these!

(On a side note, I received glitter and fixing gel from the company Helen E for Christmas, and with these two products together, I can easily walk around as a walking, talking bauble).

SUMMER-FLING-KISS-OPEN1-500x500 w7-cosmetics-kiss-chase-lipstick-happy-days-3-5g-p6570-6749_zoom

In the bag, there were two lipsticks. Now, this was a toughie for me, as I’ve recently been converted to the ‘white girl side’ of MAC. I purchased a lipstick in the colour ‘Fast Play’ and I am in love with it. I will definitely be purchasing more MAC lipsticks in the future, so it was going to be tough to get me to use a nude colour from any other brand. W7’s shade ‘Summer Fling’ is a close contender! It’s extremely nude, and on my hand, it could easily be mistaken as foundation. One thing I like about both lipsticks is that they are matte, leaving your lips look healthy and great. The other colour that I got was ‘Happy Days’ in the Kiss Chase section. I tried Happy Days on my lips, and wow is it bright! This is definitely not a colour you’d wear on a day to day basis, but for a party or a ‘pink themed’ fancy dress, it’s absolutely perfect! I’d definitely take it out with me on a night out and keep re-applying once I’ve inevitably had a few drinks.

I did receive other products from W7, but I’ve yet to try them out. They include nail polishes in the shades ‘Scarlet Pimpernel’, ‘Hot Violet’, ‘Susannah’ and another glitter bottle that I cannot read because the bottle is so sparkly. They’re also all from the Playboy range, and I don’t know what Mum’s trying to tell me by giving me makeup from the typical ‘ho’ company, but I’ll roll with it. In the bag, there was also a hair chalk set which looks fab for summer evenings and a fake tan. I cannot wait to try these out on a university evening where I can actually chill in my house, but that’ll probably be in about 2 months time.

If you’re interested in any of the products that I’ve discussed, check out their website here: http://www.w7cosmetics.co.uk/

Now, for a song. I had to include a song with the number ‘7’ in it and I thought this was perfect. Absolutely classic me finding a tenuous link to get a song in, but I had to do it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pzz4Z-O7710


Sophie x



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