Here’s to 2016!

Hello everyone! I’m so excited for New Year’s Eve! I’ve got my dress ready, my glitter is on my desk and I cannot WAIT to celebrate the New Year in with my best friends by my side. I couldn’t wish for more of a perfect evening to top off a wonderful year. But let’s look forward to 2016, and I’ve already got some great events planned!

In a couple of weeks time, I’m off to Manchester with CMD on their Domestic Tour. We’re going to see Rocky Horror and have a silks and aerial class (hopefully to burn off all of the Christmas fat that we’ve acquired!). I’m super excited to try out silks and pretend that I’m the next Maddie Ziegler, but probably giving myself another bruise for life.

As part of my Christmas present from Kelly, I’m off to see Wendy and Peter at the RSC in Stratford. I’ve never been to Stratford before so I can’t wait to go and explore and see a marvellous show.

I cannot WAIT to perform in Anything Goes in February, and once again be a sailor and tap on my favourite stage in my brand new tap shoes. Hopefully, I won’t fall over and make an absolute mess of myself. We can pray.

I’m also off to see Funny Girl with Kelly in April, where we can finally see Sheridan Smith together. I remember our first ever conversation being about this FAB actress, so to see her together (and maybe meet her will be the icing on the cake).

I’m also jet-setting again this Easter courtesy of MTW. We’re all on a holiday to Lisbon and I can’t wait to soak up the spring sun in Portugal. I don’t know any Portuguese so I’ll probably be walking around looking like Dora the Explorer asking where the toilets are and ending up in a dark alley being sold Class A drugs. Super fun.

2016 actually counts towards my degree, oh joy. I’ve had a wonderful couple of weeks of chilling and colouring in but as soon as the New Year kicks in, I will be productive I swear. I’ve got lots of essays to do and exams to prepare for, but for the first time in my life, everything I am studying and choosing to work on are all topics that I have fallen in love with. This leads me on to the main reason why I am excited for 2016.

You may recall reading that I’d applied to study abroad. Well, this application was successful! On the last day of term, I received an email confirming that I will be regarded for a place in AMERICA. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Only living my own American dream, aren’t I? I’ll be at NAU (Northern Arizona University) and it looks gorgeous. It’s 7,000 feet above sea level and looks like a town in Sims 2 and I literally cannot wait to get over there and have my year abroad. It almost still doesn’t feel real, but Mum (or should I say Mom?) bought me a top from Victoria’s Secret with the Arizona NFL team. Adorable.

I’ll be living HERE in 2016! How gorgeous!

So, I’ve got some wonderful things lined up for 2016; as well as the Rio Olympics happening and Euro 2016, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to get behind and celebrate England! Happy New Year, and I hope that you all have a wonderful year. Here’s a song that I’ll definitely be dancing to tonight!


Sophie x


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