My Year In Review, Part 3: July – December

Hello, and a belated merry Christmas to you all! I hope that you’ve had a wonderful festive season, and that Santa was good to you! I’ve had such a great Christmas with my family, being spoiled with gorgeous food, company and presents. I received anything and everything that I could have dreamed of, whether it be clothing, dance shoes, or something as simple as a colouring book… I have everything I need to maximise my procrastination time.

But, enough about Christmas, let’s look back to more photos of the year that sum up my 2015, and just how fortunate I’ve been throughout the entire year.


Well, wasn’t this one of the oddest nights of my entire life. If you’ve read my blogpost on Safeword, then you’ll know that I was invited backstage by Katherine Ryan as she put me on her guestlist. Whilst backstage, sipping on free wine and a damaged knee (that is still scarred to this day), I was fortunate enough to meet Matt Richardson and Vicky Pattison who were both lovely! I can also say that I’ve met the Queen of the Jungle, which is fun!


A very vain choice here, I must admit, however I did get my hair cut on July 31st and it was a wise decision. I was fed up of wispy, mousy-blond hair, so I did a full transformation and got it all chopped off. Roots may be coming through now, but having short hair is the easiest thing to maintain and I can STILL use all my styling devices to create funky updos. As you can tell from this Snapchat, which I did straight after the hairdresser’s, I was extremely excited to show off my new look to the world.

Blog 3

Oh, how I miss Edinburgh! I spent 4 INCREDIBLE days in August seeing shows by myself and with some of my best friends. Thursday 13th August will go down as one of the oddest days of 2015, but I could not have had it any other way. Being in Edinburgh in a summer dress and jacket, seeing 5 shows, ending it with my two favourite comedians and the only alcoholic beverage that I paid for during the whole of my summer vacation was fab! Hopefully, I’ll be able to go to the Fringe for a few days every year, and show my family the wackiness of the festival.

Blog 4

Through Kids Week, I took my sister to see Wicked on the West End as her first ever West End musical. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, as we met the cast afterwards and had a wonderful Wagamama’s. There may be 6 years in age difference between us, but Phoebe is truly my best friend on this world and I cannot wait to take her to even more shows when we get older. I couldn’t ask for a better duet partner on long car journeys.

LATA Selfie

So, I went to see Live at the Apollo, which was INSANELY COOL. When the episodes were on TV, I could also pick myself out in the audience, which was a wonderful little perk. Hopefully, when tickets come out for next year, I’ll be able to go (who knows, I need to know dates first… all will be revealed in a later blog post!) but for now, I am extremely happy to live with the fact that I have seen Noel Fielding live.

Blog 6

Classic. Couldn’t really avoid this image. Clearly, I enjoyed Freshers take 2 so much, that this is the only photo I have of a night out and it’s so bad I hate and love the photo. This is from Pop which is in the SU, and I can only hope that Disco Dave was playing Vengaboys, Seven Nation Army or the 80’s MEDLEY that when is played, a gaggle of students swarm towards the front and grind to Barbie Girl. Couldn’t imagine a Pop night any differently.

Blog 7

Granted, this photo is once again vain (yes, I did think that song was about me…) but it comes from the Halloween club night that I went to. Yes, I did outfit repeat from an outfit that I wore at Sixth Form, but it was perfect and I’ll probably outfit repeat again in the future. Either I’ll go as a skeleton, or a Victoria’s Secret fallen angel. Both glam. Also, look how happy I am with no looming deadlines, drinking the world’s strongest Vodka and Coke that I have ever had in my entire life.


Ain’t nobody messing with my clique! Jokes, they really are. They’re absolutely wonderful people, and this photo was taken before we performed at the inaugural musical theatre university competition that Warwick hosted. It was so much fun, and it was great to see people from Birmingham, Reading and Surrey perform (even if deep down, we all knew that Warwick were the best). Plus, look how adorable we all are; so many teeth and all the cuteness.

Blog 9Blog 10

Both occasions I celebrated Christmas, I took wonderful selfies that would be enough to make the greatest online dating profile. The pink sequin on my eye in the first photo actually stained my eyelid for the next day, even though I’d been in the shower and scrubbed my eye to within an inch of its life. I looked REALLY fresh going into my seminar the next day. As for the second image, this was at the Tab Christmas social on Brick Lane, where I was in a curry house with 60+ people and waited over 2 hours for a curry. These glasses were really fun, and my snapchat friends witnessed a wonderful story of me with these glasses on. All the love.

So that’s my year! Full of fun, love, great company, making wonderful memories, taking selfies sober and not so sober, remnants of glitter on me, but most of all having the best year ever! Here’s to 2016! For a song, I’m using one of the songs that I sang in at our inter-uni competition. Prior to the show, I’d never heard it before, but it’s so cheery and wonderful we all grew to love it. Also, at the start of 2015, I wanted to have the best year ever and ‘love tomorrow’. I definitely did.


Sophie x


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