My Year in Review, Part 2: April – June

Hello again, and here we go back into looking over what I did in 2015. Currently, I’m writing this blog post with remnants of glitter on my face after last night’s Christmas celebrations in London with the Tab. Glitter is a RIGHT pain in the backside to get off, so it won’t surprise me if I’ve still got this glitter on my face into the New Year. But, I am a sucker for a bit of glitter! Anyway, I’ve digressed… back on to assessing 2015. This post will look at the fun I had from April to June, and it doesn’t disappoint against the first three months.

Blog 1


So, this photo comes from early April, and technically it shouldn’t exist, but in the words of Charli XCX: ‘I just wanna break the rules’. I went to see Jack Dee’s Election Helpdesk with fab guests and it was super fun to FINALLY see Aisling Bea live! You shouldn’t really take pictures in the studio at the end, but I always do, and I’m a sneaky one. Election Helpdesk was a really good show, and I managed to get a seat near the front which is always great!

Blog 2

This image comes from a delightful little barbecue that I had with some of my best friends at the start of Term 3. For me, this image just evokes sheer happiness and joy and FUN in the sunshine on a Tuesday afternoon. We also didn’t get food poisoning from potentially undercooked meat, and we didn’t burn down an accommodation block, so that’s a positive. I absolutely LOVE Rob, Kelly and Lucy and I cannot believe that I’ve only got two terms left with them – you’ll find out more about this later on…

Blog 3

Oh my god, well this is a theme I well and truly LOVE. Our theme was 1920’s and I just fully went for it. I borrowed my friend’s flapper style dress, but I did my hair myself and I have never felt more Gatsby in my entire life. It didn’t even take that long for me to do! (Maybe I could do a hair tutorial on it doing my sister’s hair, who knows, watch this space). It was just such a fun evening, and for the only time, I won best dressed. Plus, look at the sassy face.

Blog 4

Ah this evening was great fun! At the end of 2014, Becca text me about seeing Katherine Ryan near her house in May, and I definitely wanted to go and I did! As per usual, Katherine was a star on stage and one of the loveliest people on the planet after the show. Katherine and her daughter, Violet are adorable. I also love the great juxtaposition between wearing a coat and me in a summery skirt – it demonstrates that I never, ever know what to wear because my wardrobe is too big. In March 2016, I’ll be seeing Katherine a bit closer to home as she’s coming to uni and I can’t wait to see her perform once again, what a woman.

Blog 5

I had sex on stage. I don’t think this needs any more elaboration. My parents are so proud.

Blog 6

So in May 2015, I performed as Kate Monster in MTW’s version of Avenue Q. It was just one of the most incredible shows I’ve ever been in, and it was just great fun. The cast was small, so it meant that you really became close with everyone involved. Plus, everyone knew the songs, so it was a really relaxed rehearsal process; the perfect show for performing so close to exams. We also got to perform with the professional puppets, which was such a fabulous experience. Julie Atherton, eat your heart out, there’s a new Kate on the block! In all seriousness, Avenue Q was wonderful.

Blog 7

I actually did do an exam for the end of my first year. At the time, I was super stressed about how I could fit everything in. But, in hindsight, this is NOTHING compared to the exams and essays that I’ll have to do at the end of my second year. I also didn’t even do too badly. I nearly got a first, which is an absolute shocker, and I’m not really sure how. I came out of the exam stressing that I hadn’t done enough and blew my chances of the elusive 2:1 that everyone looks towards when they graduate. However, I DID IT. I got a 2:1 and it meant that I could apply to study abroad! HOORAY!

Blog 8

I went to see Pasha Kovalev, which was great fun! You can read more about the whole day here:

Blog 9

I went to West End Live which is one of my favourite days of the year. I get to meet up with friends that I haven’t seen in ages, and sing along to all of my musical favourites. You can read more about it here:

Blog 10

Haha I look great here. This photo comes from Warwick Students Arts Festival, in which I was playing Bo Peep in a Toy Story themed revue. Clearly, I was really getting into the dance that we were taught. I don’t think I’ve ever looked so gorgeous in my entire life.

Blog 11

I couldn’t have ended June without anyone else by my sides. The Gilbert Awards was such a fab evening, celebrating everything that the society had done over the whole year. I’m in the presence of the keenest, the sexiest and the funniest; I wouldn’t want it any other way. They’re just such a wonderful source of happiness in my life and the evening was full of happy tears, many MANY sad tears and staying up until the sunrise for the last night of first year, where we all moved back home for the summer until we were reunited for 2nd year.

As you can see, April to June was a bit of a degree and a bit of a social life, but a whole lot of loving for everything that I did, and I have absolutely no regrets with anything I did in 2015. (Apart from one night where I may have drunk a little bit too much, but that’s okay). As for a song, I’m going to use the song that featured in pretty much EVERY show at the end of term 3, but it’s a classic:


Sophie x



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