My Year in Review, Part 1: January – March.

Hello there! I’m finally in my Christmas holidays, and it feels delightful to be blogging back in the comfort of my own home. I’d done 11 weeks without being in my home town, and they flew by! I can’t quite believe that I’ve done a term of 2nd year, but I know one thing… I definitely NEED this Christmas break. I was seriously pushed to my limits in terms of time constraints, so who knows how I’ll do Term 2 and 3? But, for now, I can binge watch Game of Thrones again and not worry about cooking meals every day.

Now, as I was sitting on Facebook yesterday, I realised that Facebook have released their ‘Year in Review’. As the John Lennon Christmas tune states ‘another year over… and a new one (will about to begin)’… WHAT? Haven’t we just started 2015? My Christmas tree is once again back up, my Lindt advent calendar is by the fireplace, I’ve booked my panto tickets and everyone in the house is hiding their Christmas presents. Christmas is a time to celebrate the year that we’ve gone through, and be reunited with everyone that you love, all while gorging on enough food to potentially last the year. Before the year ends, I want to remember and document as much of what I did this year. Think of these next few blog posts as a time capsule if you will, when in a few years’ time, I’ll reminisce over what I did in 2015 with me describing some of my favourite photos of the year.

(This is also my 50th post on this blog, so happy 50th birthday blog to me… send me presents, it is nearly Christmas!)

Blog 1


Oh God, the drunk selfies of the year did indeed start on New Year’s Day. So, this photo comes from New Years in which I was reunited with my friends from Sixth Form. I’d just done a term at university, and we were all missing each other so much. I got the Timer Cam app out on my iPhone, and just started taking pictures. This image is absolute chaos, but it’s for that reason that I absolutely love it. Sadly, during this year, I’ve drifted from a few of my best friends from Upper School, but for the ones that I’ve kept good friends with, I do know I’ve got some excellent friends for life.

Blog 2

Classic. So this image comes from late January, just before I was off to my second circle EVER. The theme was 80’s Aerobics, and in my opinion, I’d absolutely smashed it. Glittery jumper, colourful tights and a Croydon Facelift ponytail so high that I gave myself a free botox injection. This night was so much fun, and I finally learned the CMD chants and games and wasn’t as awful as I thought I was going to be. This night also ended in an unexpected way, but nonetheless I had plenty of fun and circles are the best way to get to know everyone in a, not so sober, environment.

Blog 3

We entered February, and we entered what I’d call ‘show month’. This comes from the first show I performed in, where we did ‘Omigod you Guys!’. I can’t say the name of the musical because of licensing rights, but I’ve got to keep it positive, and I also know that my years will be so much better than before. This musical was so much fun to perform, and it was the first musical that I ever saw on the West End without parents or any adult guidance, so I owe a lot to walking around and understanding a big city to this show. Also, I’m super proud of some of my best friends for organising this whole musical. Also, LOOK how young we all look!

Blog 4

I also got to perform in my first Dance show with CMD Warwick (Classical and Modern Dance). I performed in a contemporary routine and a jazz routine, and they were so much fun to perform! Olivia and Daisy were great teachers and I really enjoyed performing on a big stage that wasn’t attached to the university. Plus, look how moody this picture is. I love it!

Blog 5

I have a lot to thank for this show. I was so fortunate to be able to perform in Into the Woods with the society, and I am very proud that I was the only female fresher who performed in the show. Into the Woods is a crazy musical, but it was such a strong team, and I cannot quite believe the amount of talent the society has. This picture comes from ‘Hello Little Girl’, and it was one of the funniest numbers of the whole show.

One thing I do not miss moving are the trees. Note to everyone in the world, do not put me in charge of moving huge props because I am the weakest woman you will ever meet in your entire life. One thing I do miss is the camaraderie between the ‘Rob Williams School of Dance’ and wearing pyjamas on stage, and playing games for the pre-set. Super fun.

Blog 6Blog 7

These next two pictures come from my Dance and History balls. Both in gorgeous dresses, both where I made as much use of the free alcohol as possible. The dance photo is all of the CMD fresh, and isn’t it just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? History Ball photo is from the photobooth with the ‘Charles and Pierre Fan Club’ and as becomes evident, I may have spent more than I should have on alcohol. But, all my deadlines were in, I had no more pressure for the term, I wanted to celebrate.

Blog 8

Hahahaha, I love this photo so much. Okay, so this photo comes from Drama Ball, where I was with some of my best friends! We’d just been served our starters, but Rob and I had different sized portions of soup and Rob was LIVID I’d got more. Clearly, when you’ve got all the leg out, the waiters wanna give you more and treat you. Unfair. Proportions. Has happened more than once, but this photo just makes me giggle every time I look at it.

Blog 9

Wow, January to March was PACKED! This is an adorable photo that comes from Prague on the second day! We were all ready to explore the city and see just what we could get up to for the next couple of days. My hair is in a super tight French plait, we’re all extremely jolly and what would a year be without featuring in a TO selfie. (This is before I was called So-To forever). Prague was SO MUCH FUN, and I cannot wait to go on tour to Lisbon next year, in which I’m sure I’ll make many more fab memories. Hopefully, I won’t be in a club where people are smoking indoors and I want to rid my body of all smoking toxins forever.

Blog 10

Oh the fabulous memories of Salou. My birthday is March 31, and this was ‘CMD night’ on tour. I didn’t have to dress up, I was given this balloon but sadly, my vigorous clapping meant that I popped it before I went out. This challenge was successfully complete, and the birthday sash just topped it off. I’ve never had such a fun birthday before, and hopefully my 20th will be on par with this!

So as you can see, January to March was full of super fun, and it really set up the tone for the rest of the year. Now for a song for the first 3 months, I’ll go with this one, as it got everyone in the club bumping and grinding and moving and getting crunk.


Sophie x


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