Looking back on Term 1!

Hello once again! I’m so sorry that I write so sporadically on this blog. As I said in my last post, I’m super busy with mentoring and organising shows and basically trying to get my life together. But, we’ve reached the last Monday of term and I can begin to relax and enjoy Christmas. My vacubag of Christmas jumpers are out and today, I’m wearing a top with the Coca-Cola lorry that says ‘Holidays are Coming!’. I really am in a festive mood. I think I deserve to be, as these last few weeks have been absolutely mental! In the space of a few weeks, I’ve wrote just shy of 10,000 words, researching for four essays, creating presentations for seminars and giving a good attempt at getting as much seminar reading as possible. I like to think I’ve participated in seminars enough, but you just never know now.

So, what have I done this second half of Term 1, and what have I got to look forward to?

Well, once again, I’ll split it up in different sections of my uni life. This is not an exhaustive list, just a snippet of my life. I have had a tough second half of Term 1, but thankfully, my parents are always a phone call away.

Essays/Course: My degree has definitely stepped up in first year, there’s no two words about it. I’ve gone from handing in an essay an fortnight, to 4 over 3 weeks. My brain hurts. I’ve written about a variety of topics, from a ‘standard gender essay’ looking at patriarchy, Ukrainian nationalists, physiological understandings of demonic possession and the role of women in WW2. Clearly, I’ve picked a variety of modules that compliment my favourite parts of studying the past. In terms of seminars, I’ve attended every one (don’t worry parents, I’m making the most out of the £9,000 fees!) but if I come out of the seminar understanding a sentence, I consider that a little victory. For examples, studying Cartesian philosophy and Calvinism has not left me gushing to write about these topics in my exam, but I got through them.

I’ve also applied to study abroad! HOW BLOODY EXCITING. I mean, the likelihood of me actually being successful is extremely slim. But, I’d rather apply and not get it, than wonder and regret for the rest of my university life if I could have studied in the USA or Canada. I’m always busy though, and this was something else I’ve had to fit in, but I did it!

I may not understand half of what I read, but I understand how to take a killer selfie in the Library. 

That’s pretty much been how I’ve lived my second year at uni thus far. No matter how stressed I get, I know that I have to complete it all as otherwise I’ll fail, and then where will I be in life? To perfectly sum up how I feel about my course at the worst of times, I read a book for an America seminar and the title is so apt.

‘YOUNG, WHITE AND MISERABLE’. PERFECT. Also, add me on Snapchat. ‘sophtommo’. 

Society: Whenever I’m not studying, I’m most likely in the library, buying a hot beverage or doing something for Musical Theatre. As I said in my last blog (I just typed essay and deleted it, I’m clearly in work mode), I am on the Communities Committee which runs Ensemble; a weekly session in the Musical Theatre society which puts together a showcase at the end of the term. The showcase is tomorrow and I’m so bloody excited and proud of everyone! I’ve choreographed 2 numbers and I can’t wait for people to see my choreography for the first time. I’ve also been cast in a new, student written musical called Good Business. It’s set in 1930’s America. Think Bugsy Malone meets Anything Goes meets Thoroughly Modern Millie. I can’t wait.

I also performed in an Inter-Uni competition with a few members from MTW, in which Warwick hosted. It was wonderful meeting people from Birmingham, Surrey and Reading respectively, and I really hope something similar happens next year!

My best friends before Inter Uni!

But, one of the most exciting parts of term has been that I’m now cast in Anything Goes! Initially, I was told no, and while at the time, I was sad, I quickly realised that I wasn’t sure if I’d have the time for it. Then, last week, I got told that someone in the cast had dropped out and I was asked to stand in! Anything Goes is one of my favourite musicals, and I’m super excited for the opportunity.

Secretly, I wanted to perform Anything Goes at university before even starting my first year. This is one of those moments where it’s like a tick box is checked off. I cannot wait to start y ‘voyage’ and be on the boat with a fab crew.

‘Jack a dull boy’: Term 1 is probably the only opportunity I’ll have left throughout my whole time at uni where I don’t have as little work as I do now. So, I’m really taking the opportunity to go out out and just have fun. As much as I’ve come to university to leave with a History degree, I’ve also come to have the time of my life. And that’s not going to happen if I sit in my room every evening watching TV that I can watch on catch up the next day hungover or possibly still drunk.

Life and soul of Birmingham Christmas Market!
Ma bois at Bring a Boy Week. 

That’s all I’ve got time for, folks. Hopefully, I’ll blog a little bit over Christmas. I’ve got one more week left on campus, and then I can be at HOME for the first time in 3 months, watching a normal TV and playing on a games console with my family. For a song to close this post out with, I’m going to use Be Right There by Diplo. I FINALLY joined the Spotify side a few weeks back, and I found this song pretty much straight away and I am addicted.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNxxVKwKoRc


Sophie x


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