TAB POST: Hundreds attend one minute’s silence on campus in memory of Paris victims

Hello again, and I’ve published another piece on the Tab. Here is the article with its web link.

Strong for Paris

Hundreds of people gathered on the Piazza today for one of minute of silence to remember those who died in the attacks in Paris at the weekend.

The event was organised by Warwick French Speaking Society who encouraged all students to attend, not just those who were French speaking.

The Piazza was full of students from across the world commemorating those who had sadly lost their lives in this atrocious attack.

Hundreds of people gathered together to remember those who had died.

Before the minute’s silence, candles were available for those who wanted to hold one.

Once the clock struck 11am, everyone stood respectfully and bowed their hands for a minute’s silence.

Once the minute was over, the French Speaking society as well as many others burst out into La Marseillaise. Others, who did not know the song, remained silent.

Getting ready to hold up the message 'Strong for Paris'.

Throughout the event, there were a group of people holding up a piece of paper with a letter each, coming together to form STRONG FOR PARIS.


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