Friday 13th November 2015

Hello there. I can’t start off this blog post in a cheery manner, otherwise I’d quit writing on this blog forever. I’m not going to write a super long post here, but I can’t stop myself from thinking about the atrocities in Paris that have shaken up the world. I’m annoyed in myself, because this is exactly what Islamic State wants; they want us to get angry so they feel they have succeeded in attempting to ‘normalise’ the discussion of IS in the media. But then, if I didn’t think about Paris, am I a selfish, narcissistic person?

Do I HAVE to change my profile picture on Facebook to a filter with the French flag to show that I care? If I don’t, am I seen to be not agreeing with the humanitarian efforts to help across the world?

We must also not forget that Friday 13th November 2015 saw that ‘bad luck’ and bad events do come in at least three’s. What with the terrorist attacks in Paris, bombs exploding in Beirut, and earthquakes across the world, we can argue that the world changed as we knew it on this day. Yet, where are their filters on Facebook, where is the media reporting on these cases? Are we so focused on Paris just because it’s closer to home. By being compassionate on one event, are we dismissing others? Has the nature of stewardship and compassion become skewed?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I, quite rightly in my opinion, feel sick to the stomach about these terrorist events. When 9/11 was being reported, I was at home watching the TV with my Mum. When 7/7 happened, I was watching the reports and listening to the news as a 9 year old on her way to school. I remember being in London for an audition 1 year to the day after 7/7, and I have never seen so many police officers in my LIFE. Where was I for 13/11 (as this will no doubt be called)? Laying in my bed, slightly intoxicated after an amazing night out, on Twitter, feeling distressed, immediately texting my Mum to tell her how shocked I was.

Instead of a French filter, I’ve changed my Facebook profile picture to a loveheart shaped world with this caption:

“The atrocities in France are truly incomprehensible. To think we live in a world where multiculturalism and abhorrent racism live side by side. But, as we mourn and think about our neighbouring country, there are so many acts where a human takes another innocent person’s life, but it’s not reported in anywhere near as much detail, because it’s not fitting into the media’s paradigm. My thoughts are with all of those across the entire WORLD who are suffering, whether it be the Paris terrorist attacks, the French train that sadly derailed today, the Lebanese attacks, the Japanese Earthquake, the race riots in the United States, the poverty closer to home. You name a country, there’s probably strife there. I know Facebook isn’t the place to rant, and that’s not what this post is for. This world needs some TLC”. 

Religion teaches to love thy neighbour. History has shown that loving and caring for your neighbours has been impossible. Take the partition of Poland, in which empires could not agree on what land to acquire and expand their empires, therefore going against each other. Take the NSDAP, and their killing of at least 6 million Jews. But, that’s in the past. As much as I loathe using such big cliches, arguing against the fact that we are living in a culture and state that produces terrorism is impossible.

We’re living in a post-modern Cold War. And, quite frankly, I’m scared that someone could press a nuclear button and declare World War 3. This world is now becoming so advanced, that strategies we could use to be safe are now potentially going to harm us and future generations.

I know that it will never happen, ever. We all have different opinions on everything and we are rightfully entitled to that, however I just WISH that we could all get along. If only we could create an idyllic state (ironically, shortened down to IS) for the world.

Sophie xx

(PS. For this post, I have no regrets. Non, je ne regrette rien).


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