Hello again! I’m so, so sorry I haven’t wrote on this blog in what feels like forever! Since my last post, I’ve been so into my university life that I barely have any free time. Whenever I have a free hour, I’m probably eating, shopping or planning the rest of my life. Currently, I’m on my reading week, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a half term. As I’m a BA student, I don’t have any lectures or seminars this week, instead using this time to do my essays that are due in. And, I’ve actually managed to get all the work that I wanted to do completed, and it’s Thursday at 3:30pm. AMAZING WORK. In a week, I’ve done 2 2,000 word essays from start to finish. To think that at A2 level, a 2,000 word essay seemed ludicrous, how was I going to fill 2,000 words on 100 years of Germany? Now, 2,000 words is a tiny precipice for what I’d want to say on Ukrainian nationalism or whether patriarchy was actually evident throughout the Early Modern period. (They’re the fun periods of history that I’ve been tackling recently).

Anyway, over the past 5 weeks, I have done so much time with my time that I cannot comprehend. And, I’ve only seen my parents for about 4 hours of it? I thought when I’d be at university that I’d be homesick, dying to get back to Bedfordshire ways, but I couldn’t be more opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family SO MUCH but there’s something about living independently in a house with some of your best friends that is super fun. I can also buy Starbucks and not feel judged by my mum. Okay, so this is just a tiny bit of what I’ve done:

In terms of my studying, my degree is a lot more flexible this year in terms of what I can choose. I have to take one core module, ironically called EW for short, and it’s just so dull. I’ve had a lecture on bread. Worst lecture of my life. My other three modules are super fun, even though I have lectures and seminars at the most inconvenient times, I don’t have any 9ams which is SWEET. I study America from the 1920’s to the present day, nation, memory and identity in Poland, Russia and Ukraine and the development of Human Nature. All of these modules really open my eyes to different parts of history that I’ve never considered, and as a result, I really think my essay writing is improving! I’ve not had any feedback for second year, but I don’t feel too glum about my essays so that is a lot better than being a fresher! I also had vodka in a seminar, to which my mum replied ‘winter is coming, it’ll warm you up’. Classic Mum.

Yes, my tutor gave us vodka. Yes, this was before I'd done a shot and realised Polish vodka is so strong.
Yes, my tutor gave us vodka. Yes, this was before I’d done a shot and realised Polish vodka is so strong.

In terms of free time, LOL at that. I barely have any free time at the moment, and it’s pretty lucky that I’m getting the time to write this blog post for you. I’m surprised I still have any followers on this blog, and my WordPress app is still recording daily hits for certain blog posts which is a treat. I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of the time, my free time normally revolves around me with a hot drink. It really doesn’t help that Costa and Starbucks have released their Christmas beverages, and I am making my way through them. Whoops.

I also went to Birmingham pretty recently, as I brought myself a treat! While one of my pals bought himself a treat which was a Macbook, I purchased my very first MAC (lipstick) in the shade ‘Fast Play’ and it is GORGEOUS. It’s a real natural-lip colour but makes your lips pop out, a real glam affair which is what I like. It also meant I got to walk around Birmingham for a bit which I always love, and I walked past Primark and bought nothing, WHAT?

Spotted! Me and Miranda Sings!
Spotted! Me and Miranda Sings!

As it’s Term 1 of the year, I’m relishing in the chances that I can get to go out-out, as I know the amount of times that I’ll be able to do this in Term 2 and 3 will dwindle before I can say ‘down it Fresher’. I’ve been to circling a fair few times with dance and Musical Theatre, and for musical theatre ‘adoptions’, our team won! #teamfuture

So far, I’ve been a Domino for a Toybox themed Circle, wore a willy whistle around my neck to which the infamous Warwick Rowers glared at me (sorry, not sorry), a Mermaid and a futuristic grandma. I’ve also dressed up as my flatmate for her birthday, which was hilarious, but she believed I was dressing up as my alibi so it took her ages to work it out. Nonetheless, she appreciated the effort a lot, and it was great to do!

Just a mermaid and the cast of Finding Nemo.
Just a mermaid and the cast of Finding Nemo.
Found these cat eyelashes on Eylure, we'll say I went as Pussy Galore to be sassy and a Bond Girl.
Found these cat eyelashes on Eylure, we’ll say I went as Pussy Galore to be sassy and a Bond Girl.

Now that I’m a second year, I’ve decided to take on a couple of responsibilities. AS THOUGH I DIDN’T ALREADY HAVE ENOUGH WITH MY LIFE! I’m a member of the Communities Committee (comm-comm) with Musical Theatre, and this means I get to teach dances to other people in the society on a Tuesday evening, as well as have a say in how the sessions are run and decide the set-lists for performances. It’s super fun, as it means I get to work with some of my best friends, and revel in even more musical theatre fun. I’m also a History mentor to a fab first year called Rebecca whom I’ve been getting to know over social media, and I can’t wait to meet her next week!

I’m not even doing them for the CV. I’m doing them because it’s fun, but, yes it does help the CV.

Granny from the Future.
Granny from the Future.

Now for the biggies, I’ve got a JOB!! If you’ll remember, I spent my whole summer growling about how I couldn’t find a job back home, but within my first week of University, I got myself my first job! It’s with the Warwick Student Union, and I’m on the Street Team. Every Monday, I go around flyering an accommodation block, talking to the students about what events are coming up on campus and whether they have any questions or queries about the way in which events in the SU are run. Granted, it’s not a job that has many hours so I’m not paid a crazy amount, but it’s perfect to allow me to get a little treat every now and then and not feel guilty. Next on my hitlist is the Naked 2 palette. I need it in my life.

Also, you may remember that I went to an event in the Summer hosted by the Tab. Well, now, I write for them! It all happened very fast, but I’ve just sent off my first article to be reviewed and then it will be published on a nationwide online newspaper! How exciting. Hopefully, if I have enough time, I’ll link up my Tab articles to my blog so you can see what I’ve wrote on there.

Well, I hope you can see that I’m having a blast at University, and I hope that you’re all having fun whether it be in your jobs, colleges, universities or watching JK on ITV2. He came to campus and one of my best friends met him, but nobody knows why JK was at Warwick. Currently, I’m listening to a Christmas playlist on Spotify reminiscing over the fact that 1 year ago, I met Becca and Katherine Ryan for the first time. So, for a song (which isn’t Christmassy at all but reminds me of the night) is Bo$$ by Fifth Harmony. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4JfPlry-iQ


Sophie x


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