Out Out at Warwick Uni!

Hello once again! I hope that you’re just as confused about the weather as I am at the moment. I thought I’d happily packed my dresses away ready for next summer, but alas I shouldn’t have. I’ve been caught out a couple of times in thin jumpers in 20 degree weather, but I felt stylish so it was half okay I guess. (Top tip: Primark are selling turtleneck jumpers for £6, I’ve invested in 2 but I want another 22 at this rate, they’re gorgeous and cheap, perfect for students!). Student life is totally different to any other stage of life that I’ve been in before and I will be in in the foreseeable future. I’m never going to have another time in my life where I can dress up in a wacky theme and have such a strong relationship with Snakebite on a Wednesday night. At Warwick, we have plenty of nights out both on and off campus which you can stick your teeth into! You’ll also be just as confused by the temperature in the clubs… be ready to be sweating like a pig (David Cameron’s pig maybe) in freezing conditions on a long walk back to halls or your house.

So, on campus, there are two main club nights which take place in the Copper Rooms, Warwick SU’s club venue. I got told by a third year that you’ll love the SU for Freshers and the two nights I’ll be discussing, but after that, you’ll become exhausted of the SU and want to venture off. This is definitely the case, and I encourage anyone reading this to utilise the SU but experience all the club nights that Coventry and Leamington have to offer.

On Campus:

Pop: Pop, as the Warwick SU website advertises it as “the ultimate excuse to act silly to a soundtrack of the purest musical fromage. Poptastic, cheesy tunes from yesteryear are the order of the day – come along and indulge your guilty pleasures at the ultimate student night!” and this couldn’t be more true. Pop happens in the Student Union on a Wednesday night and is mainly for the sports clubs, but anyone can attend. It’s a long stint of a night, and if you go for the whole event, it’s 7 hours of absolute mayhem, but you cannot help but love Pop and Disco Dave. The music repeats itself weekly, but that’s the charm of Disco Dave. Everyone’s drinking £1.50 ‘Purple’ (Cider/Beer/Blackcurrant), or Cider Black (that’s me, I cannot stand beer). Prior to pop, you also have circling, which is a Warwick phenomenon, and all my friends at other universities just don’t understand how circling work. I love it, as it means everyone is playing drinking games together, and it means you bond with everyone during that night, looking like a fool in eccentric aerobics wear. That has happened. Pop always sells out, and I can see why. It’s such a ‘Warwick thing’ and I encourage all Fresher’s to go at least once in Term 1. The first time I went I didn’t understand what was going on, but now it’s one of my favourite things about Warwick life.

Pop with my MT pals on the last week of Freshman Year!
Pop with my MT pals on the last week of Freshman Year!

Skool Dayz: I’ve only been to Skool Dayz once (it pains me to type it in that way) as it happens on a Saturday night, and I’m normally too tired from rehearsals to warrant going out. When I went, it was lots of fun, and once again, I’d urge anyone who’s going to Warwick to purchase tickets! SD happens twice a term, and it’s the ‘School Uniform’ type of night you’ve seen your older friends on Facebook attend at their respective universities. Everyone wears their ties, short skirts and 3D glasses from the cinema with the lens popped out, dancing about to Spice Girls and Wheatus. SD relives the music of the 90’s/00’s, back when Paul was in S Club 7 and I was collecting Sabrina’s Secret’s magazines (I cannot be the only one who did!). Skool Dayz is slightly more expensive than Pop, but now from what I see, they have a photobooth, and that’s always super fun. Last time I went in one, I was slightly too intoxicated and I ruin the image. Brill.

Off Campus: There are plenty more club nights once you’ve escaped the bubble, and you’ll learn the timetable of Kasbah Monday, Smack Tuesday, Pop Wednesday, Neon Thursday, Kasbah Friday…

Kasbah: Kasbah is the main club in Coventry, and is affectionately known as the ‘Colly’ by Coventry locals. One of my pals on my course is from Coventry, and gets irate when we call it Kasbah as it sounds too posh, but it really does trump over the majority of club nights you can have during your time at university. Again, I’ve only been once on a social but I really, really enjoyed it! It’s a huge club, sporting 3 rooms and an outside venue with a BURGER BAR. But, however drunk I could be, the thought of purchasing food fills me with fear, what if it’s not cooked correctly, there is a reason why cheap food is super cheap. Kasbah has two main nights: Bubbleluv on a Monday, and classic Kinky Kasbah on a Friday. From what I’ve seen, there isn’t that much difference between the two. Everyone’s got face paint on, glitter and the £1 jaeger bombs are getting them through. I personally don’t like them, as they mess up your heart and I don’t want to provoke any unsuspected attacks on a club night if I can help it. But, Kasbah is lots of fun even if it can get so packed you feel like you’re in a moshpit for four hours!

Kasbah with Katie!
Kasbah with Katie!

Smack: Smack, the sweatbox as I like to call it. Smack is a small club in North Leamington, which attracts Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark) from Game of Thrones on a regular basis. One of my secondary aims for living in Leamington Spa is to meet Sophie and have a Sophie T selfie. Sad, but very true. Like aforementioned places, I’ve only been to Smack once, for similar rehearsal reasons. However, the one time I went was plenty of fun, even if it was dripping sweat from the ceiling. I went as part of a planned History social to celebrate our fresher’s exam being over, and so many from my year went that you were bumping into people drunkenly celebrating the (what they thought was a woeful) exam being over! Smack is small, but has light up boxes and a ‘basement’ style room downstairs, and is just hilarious. What isn’t too fun is that it’s in North Leam, so everyone has a trek back wherever they live, but you’re all in this together.

Clearly, Hannah and I are at our finest in Smack.
Clearly, Hannah and I are at our finest in Smack.

Neon: I’ve been to Neon a couple of times, and it is quite fun but in my opinion, I do think it’s quite overrated. Based in central Leamington, it’s a standard club. 2 floors with an entry fee and an average club photographer that doesn’t let you see the photo before hand, so you’re subject to an embarrassing club pic on Facebook. Do you tag, do you untag? Dilemmas. Neon mainly plays commercial, house and ‘club’ music, think Guetta, Galantis and enough Scandinavian DJs to whet your appetite for a year in one night. Neon’s pro though is that it does attract anyone and everyone, and by the end of the night, you don’t feel caked in everyone else’s makeup and sweat via osmosis. It’s a typical club night, nothing too special, but worth a visit nonetheless.

Superbad: Superbad happens in the Assembly Rooms, which is just past Neon. Superbad used to happen in Moo bi-weekly but now takes place a couple of times a term in a much bigger venue. The Assembly is my favourite venue by far! It’s huge, giving you plenty of room to boogie until the early hours. Superbad plays funk, old school music, think Jackson 5 and the hip music that you’d hear at family parties when you were young and didn’t appreciate but you now love it. The Assembly is more expensive than other venues, but considering the size and upkeep of the venue, it does seem just. Superbad also attracts the artsy within Warwick University, and you find yourself bumping into plenty of people and BNOC’s that you’ve heard. Check out Superbad while you can, I found out about it quite late in first year, but wish I’d known about it sooner!

I got ready for this night in 5 minutes.
I got ready for this night in 5 minutes.

Kelsey’s: Kelsey’s is a fine establishment. Joking. Nope. No way. Kelsey’s is a s***hole. But, you grow to love it, and every night ends there. Kelsey’s is at the end of the parade in South Leamington, typically viewed as the rougher end of Leamington, but it’s really not that rough! In Kelsey’s, similar to Pop!, everyone is drinking one of two drinks. You’re faced with the choice of two mixes, Funky Fruits (£8.10, an odd price I know) or the infamous green concoction, the Eliminator (£11). Both are absolutely disgusting, but every time you go, you drink it, and the next morning you ponder to yourself your bad life choices that you made the night before. However, Kelsey’s is always fun, even if it is grimy and you have to go to the toilet with someone else to make sure that if the toilet door doesn’t lock, you’ve got a friend to protect your sanity and dignity – but you’re in Kelsey’s, so that’s normally gone anyway.

Too much eliminator. Classy birds.
Too much eliminator. Classy birds.

As you can see, there are a plethora of club nights and venues at Warwick University, and I cannot wait to move back up to second year to make plenty more memories both on nights out, nights in and studying for my degree that actually counts this year! Oh god! Before I wallow into that misery, I’ll be listening to a song that reminds me of happy times in Pop, and whenever this song comes on, I feel that the night is complete. I genuinely get annoyed when I don’t hear it. www.youtube.com/watch?v=llyiQ4I-mcQ


Sophie x



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