Edinburgh Fringe Review #10: Joe Lycett – ‘That’s the Way, A-ha, A-ha, Joe Lycett’.

Hello chums, I hope you’re all well and that you’ve enjoyed the last 9 Edinburgh Fringe reviews I’ve wrote/written so far. I can never remember which word is the correct grammatical form, so if somebody could help me out, that’d be an absolute delight. I got an A in my English Language A Level yet still have no clue when it comes to what’s the right word to use. But, I do have a clue when it comes to choosing what comedians to go and see the Fringe. After watching the Improv Musical perform, I then made the short walk over to Pleasance (for what felt like the millionth time) and actually found a shortcut which saved at least 10 minutes, and may have potentially saved my legs from keeling over. I was then in the Pleasance area for the evening to watch two of my favourite comedians and it was truly a delightful evening. The first comedian that I watched was Joe Lycett and he was even better than I could have imagined. Many of my friends were jealous that I was going to see him, but it was actually the second time that I would be seeing him! I’d seen Joe at Virtually Famous in 2014 and thought he was wonderful. Technically, it was the first time I’d seen his stand-up but I was not worried at all that he was going to put on a spectacular show. He really did. I don’t ‘Lycett’, I love it, love it, love it.

For those readers who don’t know who Joe Lycett is, he’s one of the UK’s fastest rising comedians on the television circuit, and successfully managed to sell out his run and added extra shows to accommodate for the amount of people who wanted to see him live! Joe has appeared on many TV shows such as Live at the Apollo, and his recent appearance on Cats does Countdown went viral! I love that many of my friends were sharing the video when in fact I’d known of Joe for a long time before them! However, Joe has worked very hard to reach this new height. In 2009, he won Chortle’s student competition, which has churned out incredible comedy talent such as him and Chris Ramsey. In 2012, his debut show was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe. Joe always names his show with a name-related pun; ‘Some Lycett Hot’ just being the start. His puns aren’t just related to his life, he also narrates for the Magaluf Weekender, and has been the ‘resident news hound’ on Josh Widdicombe’s XFM Radio Show alongside Josh Widdicombe (both two of my favourite comedians!)

Fun fact, my friend Becca goes to the same school that Joe Lycett went to! He visited her school and did a talk there about what it’s like to be in the comedy world, and this represents just how lovely and kind Joe is. It was clear that from the moment he walked on stage, he was having an absolute ball. His famous ‘walrus’ ring was on his finger and his cheeky-chappy smile was on his face for the entire set. I feel everyone could learn a lot from Joe’s happy-go-lucky self. You can just tell he’d be so much fun on a night out.

Joe Lycett 1

Joe has a variety of things going for him, such as his ‘Always a Pleasure’ blog where he meets celebrities and takes a horrific picture of them, mocking the way in which society now idolises celebrities and how we only see them at their best. http://alwaysapleasuretosee.tumblr.com/ is great! But the show wasn’t about that at all. Neither was it about sweaty Sharon. It was all about brand new material that had never been seen before. The audience was extremely receptive of all of his jokes; a benefit of being on TV enough to get his name out there. In the audience was also one of my favourite comedians, Katherine Ryan. Considering I was seeing her show straight after Joe’s, it was odd yet very cool to see her as an audience member, bearing in mind her recent amount of success. But, she did not take away any of the limelight. All of the focus was on The Duchess. That’s his pseudonym alias. When Joe walked on to stage, he had a pint of bitter ale because this really did cement his extremely obvious stature as a lad. He’s the exact opposite of a lad, but this just added to his character and how he was able to take a joke himself as well as give them by the bucketload. Yet, when he poured out the bitter ale and it turned out to be almond milk, this was such a plot-twist that nobody knew quite what to do except for that laugh where you laugh and wonder what is going on in front of your eyes. Is Joe a magician? Who knows? He did conjure up some sort of magic spell that meant you could have heard a pin drop, the audience was silent. We all hung on to every word that he said and that really got going when he was discussing his emails.

Joe is prolific on social media for sending emails to people in order to just wind them up. He’d had an incident with a woman on Gumtree who was selling a house, but Joe had immediately cottoned on that it was a con. When the woman said she was in Germany, miraculously Joe was too. The chase kept happening until Joe sent an email that said ‘Apologise or I’ll report you’ or something of that manner. She then apologised. Absolutely amazing work from Joe. Throughout this, it’s clear that Joe is an excellent storyteller, and his life is just full of fun moments and he never has a boring day. He’s always surrounded by moments where he could quite easily be in a TV show. Whether he’s eating an avocado mash at a quaint shop in Birmingham or inadvertently selling cocaine on the cheap in a club, Joe is able to make a story out of anything that is captivating enough to sell a show with.

Joe Lycett 3
Joe also underwent the process of ‘Neville Longbottoming’.

I also particularly enjoyed the segment where he was discussing the different ‘knobheads’ that are in the country. What an excellent British vulgarism. These knobheads ranged from the women in Costa who spend all their days there to Amanda Holden who holds the title of ‘Fundamental Knobhead’ (I can only agree, I mean what is her talent… people say I look like her, gutted). It was hilarious to hear how quick-witted and judgmental he is, and this doesn’t stop at people he doesn’t know. He was very judgmental of a man on a stag night that he went on. We just know him as “Johnny in the TA” full of hetero banter and so misogynistic, Tyga could learn some lessons from him. By the end of the story, Johnny had ended up as Renee, based on a tattoo that was a direct quote from Descartes, but to know more about this story, you’ll have to go and watch his set.

At the end, Joe had people with buckets full of badges, so I took a couple and I actually wore one the next day. It had one of his #bullshitquotesijustmadeup on it. It says “Don’t cry when it rains, the weather is weeping for us all”. But, this isn’t the only quote he has. Honestly, check out that hashtag because it’s full of GOLD. In fact, just type in “Joe Lycett” on any social media and you’ll be laughing all day. I absolutely love Joe, and to give a reviewing emoji, I’m giving him a trophy because he had a gold medal worthy show from start to finish. Even as the audience were leaving, he was singing and being his jolly self. I cannot wait to see him live again in the future!

Go and see Joe live as he tours this show here: http://joelycett.weebly.com/live.html

For a song, it must be the song that inspired Joe’s title for his show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3svW8PM_jc


Sophie x

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