Edinburgh Fringe Review #5: Rob Beckett – ‘Mouth of the South’

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, everybody in the house so come on, let’s WRITE. Sorry readers, I couldn’t help but reference the start of my fifth Edinburgh Fringe review for 2015 with a classic Mambo No.5 song lyric. That was me trying to be funny, something which I am most definitely NOT even though a few of my friends think I am. It’s definitely not the case when your friends are able to sell out comedy shows… but alas, I tried. I hope you appreciated the effort there. On the other hand, the fifth show that I saw at the Fringe was just hilarious, and was the first comedian out of five that I saw during my time in Edinburgh. I was fortunate enough to have a ticket to see Rob Beckett’s new tour called ‘Mouth of the South’ in the Pleasance Dome. This was such a small venue when you consider that Rob Beckett’s TV appearances are very consistent. As seen on Cats does Countdown, discussing VERY SERIOUS politics on Mock the Week as well as many other appearances, Rob Beckett’s career is growing from strength to strength. As soon as I knew I was going to the Fringe, I booked my ticket for ‘Mouth of the South’, and I was definitely not disappointed.

Fun fact for my trip to the Fringe here! The first time I stepped on the Royal Mile, Rob Beckett actually walked past me and I was quite starstruck. I would have asked for a selfie but he was talking to people, and it would have been rude and inappropriate if a stranger liked me had asked for a picture. However, this random finding on the street got me excited for the whole of my trip in Scotland, and it got me looking for celebrities with every street corner I turned.

Okay, so a little bit more about Rob Beckett himself. He has wonderful teeth. Excellent teeth. In fact, when he discusses horses in his set, I was surprised that he didn’t say something along the lines of ‘the horse and I bonded really well because the horse thought we were siblings’. Even if this would have been a very obvious joke, it would have guaranteed laughs for sure. When I text my dad saying I was seeing Rob Beckett, the reply I got was ‘I don’t mean to be mean, but is he the one with the teeth’. Yes dad. He has teeth. That’s a little fact about everyone who exists on the planet? But I knew what he meant.

Rob Beckett 1

As stated on Rob Beckett’s own website, he started his stand-up career in 2009, winning many competitions. Clearly, this guy has more than just an elbow of a funny bone. After this, he performed in Adelaide Fringe, Australia, winning the Best Newcomer award. He made his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2012 with his solo show Rob Beckett’s Summer Holiday, but in my opinion, it’s only been recently that he’s been picked up by TV executives to star in comedy panel shows and really get his name and brand out there to the masses. To whichever TV boss decided to include Rob on their programme, I’m so thankful they did. Rob is a genuine breath of fresh air, who just really enjoys performing, and gets a kick and a thrill out of every single show that he performs. Whether he’s performing to thousands at the Hammersmith Apollo, or a few people at Radio 1 Comedy Lounge discussing why he hates knowing things, it’s clear that he’s constantly enjoying himself. It gives off the impression that he’s genuinely humbled to have such a great comedic career, and he truly deserves it.

Rob is so likeable, even if he looks so scarily Aryan that Hitler would have assigned him a top role in the Nazi Party during the height of the NSDAP. From the very first time I watched Rob Beckett on my TV, I’ve always loved his comedy, and was slightly anxious that he may not be as good in real life as he’s presented on TV. But, in hindsight there was no need for me to be scared as he was a dream. The way in which his whole set was put together was marvellous, and it was clear that he’d really thought through each joke and gag in order to maximise its potential laugh factor. Absolute tip-top work, bloody smashed it. Is it also weird to say that I may slightly be in love with him because of his South London accent? I definitely am. Another reason why I am in love with him and all of his comedy is that his stories are based around everyday, mundane topics. For example, he started the whole set off discussing what he’d just seen at the Fringe. He’d just seen Get Your Own Back and I hollered (I’m quite prone to getting involved in a comedy show, contrary to many people… don’t shy away from it, it makes the experience! I don’t know anyone else that can say Matt Richardson has wanked over them, happy freshers J). He’d also seen a show where he felt like he’d been conned out of seeing a happy show, and instead it was a super-deep, physical theatre piece about depression. He then asked someone else in the audience what they’d seen at the Fringe, but the poor man got it totally wrong and said ‘8 Out of 10 Cats’. He thought Rob was asking what shows have we all seen Rob on, and this misunderstanding was brilliant. He had the whole room in the palm of his hand from this point on, and a few people (including me) were staring at him with gazed eyes throughout the entire set, wanting Rob to just keep on talking forever and ever. He used this to his advantage, and the whole audience were in fits of giggles the entire time, whether we were sitting in ‘first class front row’ or as a posh git who got a side bar seat.

Rob also discussed how he’s now married, and the jobs that him and his wife have. He stated that he’s got the job of using the pressure-washer to clean the patio and he absolutely loves it. He also has the job of sorting out the Sky subscription, and when he was in a spot of bother with needing the Sky password, he had no idea and wanted to change it to ‘I don’t know it mate’, or something along that line. Once the show was finished, I tweeted Rob with #teamsky #whatevenisfreeview but I got no reply. Hopefully, he’ll read this blog post and we can finally communicate with each other.

RB 2

One of the funniest parts of his set though was the end joke. He was discussing the classic cold-callers, which I feel is only a problem that exists in Britain. However, being the comedian that he is, he wanted to set the cold-caller up and create a ludicrous story in order to see how gullible they are. Well, from Rob’s story, it’s clear that they definitely are! He’d been phoned up by the ‘Have you had an accident at work?’ classic cold-call that we all receive at lunchtime (even writing this post, I’ve had one at home today) and Rob ran with it. Rob had apparently been working in the freezer department at Morrisons, but he wasn’t cold, that wasn’t the problem. He had his Regatta jacket on, he was absolutely loving life. But, then he’d fallen over and his head had fallen off. Oh no, what a tragedy that CLEARLY cannot be true. The woman on the other end of the line believed it, and Ed No Ed was finally able to claim his compensation. I’m not going to discuss any more of it, because it’ll spoil the surprise should you go and see Rob live. I seriously encourage you to, as Rob is a marvellous comedian, and at the end of the show, he’d ran to the bottom of the stairs and shook everyone’s hand as we were leaving, thanking us for coming. According to my friend, he does this for every show but I didn’t know this, so I became the emoji with the lovehearts for eyes. And that is my emoji to review this show, as quite frankly, it was an hour of showing just how heartwarming and wonderful a top comedian can be when they are at the top of their game, but you know that this isn’t the end for them!

Rob’s taking his tour across the country, so go and buy your tickets here!: http://www.robbeckettcomedy.com/gigs/ (He’s coming to my university, so hopefully I’ll get to steward this and see him again!)

In terms of a song, I’d go with Teeth by Lady Gaga just to be very cheeky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vk5vRoc0_nk


Sophie x

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