Post Edinburgh Fringe Blues

A million and one hello’s! Sorry for the recent silence on this blog. I’ve just come back from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, spending the last few days in Edinburgh with so many of my great friends from university, bumping into people from home as well as a tiny little bit of celebrity spotting. What a time to be alive.

Spot Richard Osman. It’s not hard, he is extremely tall.

Anyway, this is just a tiny little blog post here to explain just how I’m going to document the whole of my four days in the Edinburgh Fringe. This post is what I’m hoping will be the ‘homepage’ or ‘base’ of the Edinburgh Fringe 2015. Think of it as the Royal Mile of the posts, with all the reviews of shows being Chambers Street, Nicholson Street or Pleasance. Also, instead of giving stars to review, because all of the shows that I saw were wonderful and incredible and great, I’m going to review with an emoji. For example, if I was to review myself right now, I would give myself a sad face because my legs are currently in a ridiculous amount of pain from walking straight for four days (but I’m feeling toned, so perks of the Fringe). Also, I’m sad that I’m currently at home after my little trip to Scotland has finished and it’ll be a whole year until I can experience the madness again.

Okay, so here are all the shows that I went to see during my time at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Once I’ve discussed each act, you’ll be able to click on the name of the performer/performance below in order to read about them. But, it’ll also give you a flavour of the shows that I went to see. As you’ll be able to read, my time at the Festival was full of comedians, musicals, singing and plays, an absolutely perfect time:

Births, Deaths and Marriages

Christina Bianco


UKIP! The Musical.

Rob Beckett

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Geoff Norcott

Tania Edwards

The Improv Musical

Joe Lycett

Katherine Ryan

Out of the Blue

Clearly, I had a very busy time at the Fringe constantly walking to and fro throughout the centre of Edinburgh, trying to eat as much as I could possibly fit in. I also didn’t have a deep-fried Mars Bar, which was very sad. However, I found a culinary delight in a macaroni-cheese PIE. Sounds grim, but it was £1 and it was bloody delightful.

Why do we not have macaroni cheese pies in England?

I did the journey both to and from Edinburgh via a National Express coach that were overnight, and they were surprisingly pleasant. Not necessarily the most comfortable or cool way to travel, but the money I saved from going by coach allowed me to see a few acts, so it was definitely worth it. Plus, I took some excellent Snapchats such as this beauty…

The start of the journey, definitely not this fresh by the end.

I caught up with my friends from university that I hadn’t seen in about 6 weeks, and it was great to watch their performances that they’d spent the first half of summer working so hard on their shows. I also saw so many comedians during my time at the Fringe, and I have a tiny TINY bit of confidence to maybe give stand up a go. I have no idea what I’d talk about, but I make a fool of myself enough anyway, so why not channel it into stand up comedy? Let’s see how that one turns out shall we? I also met up with one of my friends from Sixth Form, who goes to Dundee University and I hadn’t seen in a year. It was so, so lovely seeing Lilly for the day and it was great to spend the day with one of my good friends from home. We had so much to catch up on!

Also, the people of Edinburgh are extremely hospitable. Massive praise to the young lady on the Royal Mile who helped me and allowed me to plug my phone in and use their electricity to charge my phone up enough to feel safe until I saw my housemates in a few minutes. What a kind young woman. I was genuinely concerned that I’d have no way of being able to get in contact with everyone for a while, but she totally understood where I was coming from and really made me feel comfortable. So thank you, lovely lady!

On the whole, Edinburgh was FANTASTIC and I really could not have wished for a better four days, so I hope that you enjoy reading my little reviews of the shows that I went to. But, before any of them are published, I need to stress that if any of these performers come to your local area, you must check them out! You’d be silly not to.

For a song, I’ve gone for a CLASSIC Scottish stereotype, and it really does feel like I’ve walked 500 miles. But, all the calories I burned were probably ate on with my appalling diet this week. This stereotypical Scottish song definitely wasn’t the first song I listened to when I’d crossed the border. Nope, definitely not…


Sophie x



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