Off to the Fringe!

Hello once again! I hope you’re all really well, and that you’re having a wonderful Summer holiday! Last night, I watched my sister perform in her first ever big musical which was lovely. She performed in the Wizard of Oz and was the lead dancer for all of the little kids, so of course I am very VERY proud of her and wanted to publicly share just how proud I am.

Look how gorgeous my little sister is!
Look how gorgeous my little sister is!

But, in a couple of days time, I’ll be watching lots and lots of shows, squeezing as many as I can possibly fit into 4 days as I’m off to the Edinburgh Fringe! Although I’ve been to Edinburgh twice before, I’ve never been to the Fringe itself. I’ve wanted to go for years and years and with many of my friends performing in different shows, I’d be silly if I didn’t go this year. I thought I’d share what tickets I’ve purchased so far and what I plan on seeing. If you’re going to the Edinburgh Fringe or performing yourself, why not leave a comment promoting your show and if I have the time, I’d love to go and watch it!

Tickets Purchased: 

(Click on their names to access the performer being hilarious, and showing just why I’m seeing them live!)

Christina Bianco: Christina Bianco is a YouTube sensation, and ever since Frozen came out in the cinemas, I have loved watching her videos on Youtube. She can do so many impersonations, but my favourites are Celine Dion and Christina Aguilera, so when she does them, I’ll be hollering the whole time! The description tells me to expect the unexpected, performing pop and Broadway tunes with an A-Z of impressions. I’m beyond excited to watch Christina perform, and I know this is going to kick my experience of the Edinburgh Fringe off in style! (Since watching another Christina Bianco video on Youtube, I have just learned that her Musical Director is someone who I went to HIGH SCHOOL with! What, something good has come out of Luton?)

Rob Beckett: As soon as I found out I was definitely visiting the Fringe, I made sure I had my ticket for Rob Beckett. After watching him on Live At The Apollo, Mock and Week and 8 Out of 10 Cats, I just love Rob! According to the Guardian, he is ‘relentlessly smiley, perpetually grinning Londoner whose unshowy, unpretentious but thoroughly funny shtick has every chance of winning him a big audience…’. His show is called ‘Mouth of The South’ and I can’t wait to watch him perform live, as he’s one of just a few comedians I have left on my ‘list’ to see. Also, I want to see if his teeth really are that big.

Joe Lycett: In my opinion, Joe wins the award for the best show name with ‘That’s the way, A-ha, a-ha Joe Lycett’. Bloody marvellous, and really sets the tone for just how genuinely funny Joe Lycett is. After seeing him on the panel for Virtually Famous, I’ve become addicted to watching little snippets of Joe on Youtube. He’s also just as funny on Instagram and Twitter but I love him on Cats does Countdown. He’s a ‘self-proclaimed, absolute lad’, and I’m excited to watch him do a proper stand-up set that’s a whole hour as opposed to 7 minute segments which we’re used to seeing on TV. I also hope he does a Peter Dickson impression. Also, Joe went to my pal’s school, which is exciting.

Katherine Ryan: My favourite. When I found out I was definitely going to the Fringe and saw her show had sold out, I was GUTTED to say the least. But then, she added a few more performances and I snapped up a ticket straight away. Thank goodness I did. From what I’ve read, she was the first comedian to fully sell out her show which is INCREDIBLE. She beat all the men #girlpower. Her new show is called ‘Kathbum’ which is also her Twitter handle and I’m very excited to watch her perform live once again, and be the sassy diva that I have grown to love her for. I’ve also just checked and she’s sold out the specific show I’ll be seeing, so she sold out a 400 seater venue in 4 days, what a trouper.

Shows I’m Planning On Seeing:

Witch: Witch is being put on by my Musical Theatre society at university, and I’m extremely excited to watch a brand new musical being put on at the Fringe, the world’s biggest arts festival. As it’s brand new, I don’t really have much to say apart from I know the cast, and if that’s anything to go by, it will be wonderful and you should definitely snap up your tickets ASAP. When a witch called Leah searches for the truth behind her dark ancestry, the past comes back to haunt her. A story of betrayal and sacrifice guaranteed to shock and enthral in equal measure. In a society where paranoia and suspicion are rife, nothing and no one are as they seem. Including a contemporary soundtrack amidst a dark aesthetic. This new musical will electrify and enthral you.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch: Similarly, Hedwig and the Angry Inch is also being put on by people who I’ve met at University, but through a production company called ‘A Wicked Little Town’. From what I’ve read on Twitter so far, it is getting INCREDIBLE reviews, and I’m very excited to see a musical which I’ve heard so much about performed by my friends. Join Hedwig and the band on their anatomically incorrect rock odyssey. The musical tells the story of Hansel Schmidt, a young man from East Berlin who seizes an opportunity to escape communist Germany by getting a sex change and marrying an American GI – but that’s just the start of the story. Throw into the mix a nerdy teenager called Tommy, a major case of plagiarism and a seriously scorned Hedwig, and you’re starting to see how this story is far from what it seems.

The Improv Musical: They say good things come in three’s, and this is the case! Music Theatre Warwick also take the Improv Musical up to Edinburgh. After gaining popularity each year, it sold out a 200 seater venue last night which is mad! I love watching the troupe perform, and whenever you go, you’re guaranteed a mad, eclectic performance, but one which you can only describe as magical! Geared up to deliver musical mayhem and leave you roaring with laughter! Create the story: the characters, the scenario, and even the song titles! Watch your ideas come to life, complete with memorable tunes, catchy lyrics, and the occasional dance routine. The show really is in your hands!

Births, Deaths and Marriages: When I said on Facebook that I’m going to the Fringe, one of my friends from Stagecoach private messaged me and asked if I’d go and see her show! I can’t wait to go and see this, as I’ve not seen my friend Gemma for YEARS, and it’s got some marvellous reviews. Plus, it’ll be a lovely thing for me to go and see during the day, so I can’t wait! Four young people, four big decisions… one long night! Adult life isn’t working out for them and if they don’t do something about it they might be stuck forever. Trapped in the life they thought they wanted, hoping it gets better, but not really doing anything about it… Like planning how you’d spend the lottery jackpot when you didn’t even play.

UKIP: This should hopefully combine my loves of satire, comedy, musicals and a little discussion of politics. UKIP the Musical sounds utterly hilarious, and I’ll be seeing this with my friend from Sixth Form who I’m meeting when up in Edinburgh. Hopefully, it will be a treat! UKIP! The Musical is a rollicking satirical swipe at the most radical political party of our time. Witty and irreverent, this exuberant musical features a host of original songs including Bongo Bongo Land, Europa You Raped Her, and the voters’ anthem, Let’s Pull Up the Drawbridge.

Out of the Blue: I love these lads. Out of the Blue are a boy’s only accapella choir from Oxford University, whose success has catapulted over recent years. Their Shakira medley hit racked up millions of views on Youtube, and the way in which they are able to blend everyone’s voices are magical. Plus, someone from my school is in Out of the Blue. This is a feat as not many go to Oxbridge from my Sixth Form and he’s one of the lead vocalists with fans worldwide. Can’t wait to watch Out of the Blue again!

So, considering I’m only at the Fringe for four days, that’s quite a lot I’ll be seeing and doing. I’ll also be helping out flyering for Hedwig and the Angry Inch, so if by some random stroke of luck you get a Hedwig flyer, definitely come and see it as you may have been given a flyer by yours truly. To lead us out, it has to be the song that made Out of the Blue so famous, the infamous Shakira medley.


Sophie x


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