101 Reasons Why We All Love Bake Off.

As we enter mid-August, it can only mean one thing. As a British public, we now know how the rest of our TV schedules will look like for the rest of the year. We can finally get some routine into our TV lives instead of the mish-mash repeat frenzy that the BBC and ITV like to put on our screens in the summertime, and put an end to the amount of ‘Benefit Street’ style documentaries that are constantly on my TV at home at the moment. We’ll be tuning into the new series of Gogglebox, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor, The Apprentice, Mock the Week, QI, Have I Got News for You, the list goes on. But, before all these, we are treated to a delightful series that gets the whole nation on the edge of their seats. Will they rise? Will they crumble? Both of these can be apt for the contestants and their products. The Great British Bake Off is an exquisite programme. Just like eating a chocolate éclair, it’s a guilty pleasure of many, and I’m going to go all ‘Buzzfeed’ and write 101 reasons why we all do love The Great British Bake Off.

  1. The amuse-bouche style adverts before the series. What other programme can get away with an advert mid Wimbledon final and generate more of a buzz than the match itself?
  2. The press release of the contestants before the series start, so you can judge them like a recipe book.
  3. “The youngest baker ever!”
  4. The baker that’s always from a remote area of Scotland. (We have 2 this year, how exciting).
  5. The baker that has such an exciting life that you can’t feasibly work out how they have the time to bake.
  6. The baker that’s going against all stereotypes of their appearance. I’m looking at you Stu.
  7. The baker that’s on the programme mid-way through their university exams.
  8. 1 DAY UNTIL BAKEOFF! And the food sweats can now start.
  9. You celebrate the start of Bakeoff like it’s a holiday tradition.
  10. You gather the whole family around to watch Bakeoff.
  11. HI SUE!
  12. HI MEL!
  13. We all love Sue and Mel.
  14. The way Sue and Mel look at each other.
  15. “Welcome… to the Great British Bake Off!”
  16. Right, that’s it, I know where I am at 8:00 for the next 10 Wednesdays of my life.
  17. The theme music.
  18. The quintessentially British cakes baked during the intro.
  19. A shot of a squirrel not being shy.


  1. It’s CAKE WEEK.
  3. It’s BREAD WEEK.
  4. The fake friendship between all of the contestants as they walk into the tent for the very first time. Nobody is that friendly in real life, nobody.
  5. Getting behind a contestant from the beginning even though you’ve never seen them bake. (For me, this year I would like Nadiya to win, only because she is from my home town!)
  6. THEY’RE FROM MY HOME TOWN. SOMEONE CAN BAKE IN MY HOME TOWN. The whole town loses their cool.
  7. Mary’s happy little face on my screen.
  8. Paul’s glistening blue eyes on my screen.
  9. Mary’s sense of fashion. Only she and Kate Middleton are able to send the public into such a frenzy over a piece of clothing from M&S.
  10. That blazer Mary wore.
  11. Over the series, Mel Giedroyc has become even more feminine and she looks wonderful.
  12. Sue Perkin’s jokes before the contestants can start baking.
  13. You have to make a STRUUUUUUDEL.
  14. The look of panic on a contestant’s face when they haven’t practiced.

Ruby Tandoh 1

  1. “I’m going to be using rosewater”.
  2. “I’m going to be using hemp”.
  3. The look of delight on Mary’s face whenever a recipe uses alcohol.
  4. Paul wincing whenever a recipe uses alcohol.
  5. The look on Paul’s face making a contestant want to cry before they’ve even started baking.
  6. The illustration of each bake making you want to salivate before you’ve even see the end product.
  7. The one contestant that always seems to go slightly different to the rest.
  8. Brendan knowing everything there is to know about baking.
  9. Martha making all teenagers up and down the country question how useful they are in their own home.
  10. I’ve never used an (insert name of tool) before.
  11. I’ve never used this method before.
  12. “Today, I’m going to temper some chocolate to really prove why I’m an excellent baker”.
  13. The quizzed look among all the contestant’s faces when they have to do one simple task, yet do it 12 different ways.
  14. Who will win the award of saying the first sexual innuendo of the series?
  15. “You have got two hours to pop Mary’s cherry… in the oven”.
  16. “Stand away from your hot baps!”
  17. Sue Perkin’s cheeky look down the camera when she knows she has delivered an excellent innuendo that will be trending worldwide.
  18. The sigh of relief.
  19. Ruby Tandoh always crying.

Ruby Tandoh 3

  1. The look on a contestant’s face when they think it’s all gone well…
  2. To find that it’s raw and it’s…
  5. Sue and Mel taking an off bit and giving all the contestants a little bit of praise.
  6. The loser standing outside in the rain, crying about their Victoria Sponge.
  7. The winner gloating, just before they start the next challenge.
  9. We’d like you to make a… (Insert any of the technical challenges over the last 6 years, they’ve all been a challenge).
  10. The revealing of the ingredients as they lift off the red and white gingham.
  11. The look of ‘crap I can’t do this’.

Ruby Tandoh 2

  1. All the contestants looking at each other, trying to gauge how well everyone is doing and how to actually bake a specific recipe.
  3. Where has my custard gone?
  4. Sue and Mel always rushing in to help and trying to save the day.
  5. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it”.
  6. The sabotaged bake doing better than the sabotager’s bake. (Is sabotager a word, I don’t know, you know what I mean).
  7. The one contestant who uses salt instead of sugar.
  8. “I wouldn’t try that if I were you Mary”.
  9. The reactions of the bakers during the judging of the technical challenge, clearly giving away who baked what.
  10. Seeing the happiness of the person who placed first.
  11. These two challenges just build up to the showstopper.
  12. We’d like you to bake a gingerbread structure.
  13. How a bake can go very wrong and not as planned, yet seeing a baker change their plan to make it right.
  14. The scandals during the Showstopper.
  15. A finger being cut open so bad.
  16. The quiet venting and frustration of a bake before a contestant can muster up the energy to even speak.
  17. “Where’s my Baked Alaska gone?”
  18. Twitter going mad with #freezergate #justiceforiain #dirtydiana
Dirty Diana
Diana will be forever hated in the Great British Bake Off world.
  1. Great British Bake Off is able to get onto front page news whilst ISIS and other world crises are rejected to pages 4 and beyond.
  2. The other contestants having no idea what to do from this point on, when such a scandal has happened.
  3. STOP BAKING. And the contestants can finally breathe properly for the first time in a few hours.
  4. Being able to judge from that point with your own eyes who is going home and who is staying.
  5. The slow-mo shots of each product before they do the dreaded-walk up to the judges.
  6. Watching Paul and Mary eat the end products and drooling in front of your own TV.
  7. Watching a contestant walk up with their bake, but there’s a part of you that really wants them to drop their bake and see how they deal with such a terrible situation.
  8. “That’s perfect”.
  9. “Style over substance”.
  10. The phrase ‘soggy bottom’ now carrying a whole other meaning.
  11. Sue and Mel taking it in turns to announce the Star Baker and the person who will sadly be leaving us today.
  12. The juxtaposition of someone leaving played with the joyful music.
  13. “On next week’s show…” NOOOOOOO not another week.
  14. But then, you see Jo Brand’s happy face popping up at the side of your screen reminding you of ‘An Extra Slice’.
  15. Seeing all the failed bakes that people have sent in, and realising you are not alone.
  16. Jo Brand welcoming the eliminated contestant to the stage to talk about what went wrong.
  17. Josh Widdicombe finally getting to meet Chetna, and knowing that was the best showmance.
  18. Sneak peeks of the show that never made the final cut.
  19. Knowing that Great British Bake off is a British institution that any other country can try and recreate, but knowing it will never be the same anywhere else.
  20. It allows me to use the one-hit wonder Babycakes for a song to close out this blogpost. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOMSZQ7RacQ


Sophie x


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