I went to Costa Del Sol… ihull. Yes, Solihull.

Hola mes amigos! It’s August and that should mean fun fun fun in the sun sun sun! Alas, it’s actually 23 degrees in the British summer, which is very decent! It’s a delightful contrast to the normal rain we receive that floods half of the country. I’ve also had a major hair change, and quite frankly I needed it! I’ve gone from having wispy, bronde hair to a long bob that’s so blonde, you might as well call me Daenerys Targaryen.

Snip, snip, snip and the hair is gone!

I’ve also been on a delightful little trip for a few days into the Midlands to see one of my best pals from university! Her name is Katie and she has pestered me for a while to write about her on my blog so here goes. Katie is a wonderful, delightful, excellent, great, superb, intelligent, Taylor Swift loving, amazing, nice, kind, polite, courteous, gorgeous, beautiful, fabulous, smashing pal. Is that okay Katie? But in all honesty, Katie is a lovely girl and spending a few days with her and her family was great.

Okay, so the little trip started on Friday and I boarded my train with lots of excitement and anticipation for what we were potentially going to do and see Solihull in its best light. This excitement died down considerably when the train just decided to stop outside Coventry for around 30 to 40 minutes for what felt like no reason at all. With my phone battery on 2%, this was a slightly scary moment and one which I don’t want to relive. Why does London Midland not have a plug socket for each seat on the train? They need to catch up with their train competitors (get on it London Midland, Chiltern Trains offers free WiFi!). Anyway, I arrived at Birmingham International, found Katie and off we went to her house for the evening. We just chilled on the Friday evening because I was super tired from that little journey, and we mutually agreed that we wanted the energy for the Saturday.

Saturday (pinch punch first day of the month and all that) saw us go into the centre of Solihull. Katie explained that ‘Shirley’ is the posh part of Solihull and that’s closest to the shopping mall. Katie also said that the shopping mall wasn’t exactly great, but it was marvellous in comparison to my home town. But, Solihull doesn’t have a Primark, so this was a slight, slight disappointment. However, it meant I didn’t spend any money on clothes which is extremely rare for me. Whilst on our little excursion to the centre, we went into many shops and had a delightful lunch at Pizza Hut! I also remade the mistake of eating too much free salad before the whole pizza comes. Absolute regrets there. The Starbucks was also delightful but I got asked a weird question. Did I want my coffee… without coffee? I said yes, because I don’t actually like coffee. Why do I even go to Starbucks? I’m such a common white girl, I’m surprised in myself that I don’t own the infamous @commonwhitegirl handle.

We then went back to Katie’s house for dinner before going back out again for a drink in Spoons. Classy birds. A tragic moment happened when Katie went for a wee (TMI and I don’t care) and then a photographer who was horrifically trying to take photos of Spoons as if it was a club came out and started taking pictures. I was forever wishing for Katie to return from her toilet trip as I looked like a first date where the other person had just decided to disappear. It was not a fun moment in my life. Not the dream Fantine dreamed.

After this, Katie and I then went back and watched the film ‘The Interview’, which is an ODD film to say the least. The way in which they portray North Korea and Kim Jong-Un is clearly a hyped up, exaggerated version of the atrocious political system that currently exists in North Korea, and for the most part I can empathise with North Korea in their totalitarian disagreement with the whole concept of the film. Yet, it was clear that this film is a COMEDY film, and is not meant to seriously portray Pyongyang and other places in North Korea. The film was clearly so low budget as well, for example when they successfully kill Kim Jong-Un after the botched interview, the special effects are so 2002 Eyetoy mixed with the excellent Xbox 360 game ‘You’re In The Movies’. It was all so, so bad yet so, so good and just right for the way the film aimed to present itself.

Sunday morning (so today) came and I sadly had to leave Katie! It was wonderful to be with her and her whole family, and the way that they made me feel welcome knew no bounds. They were extremely hospitable and generous and made me feel comfortable in their home. They dropped me off at Birmingham International, and I know that one day in the near future I’ll hopefully see the whole family again soon! Katie only lives 20 minutes away from my university, so she’s not going to be living in off campus accommodation next year. She’ll be living at home and driving in, which is very lucky for her as she can have a home-cooked meal every day and not have to contend with the overcrowded university bus service. However, I know that Katie and I will forever remain good friends, and visiting Solihull was just fab. Also, more people should visit Costa Del Solihull, which is a legit marketing campaign they use in the summer to encourage people to visit. So brilliant.

Now, one thing we also did was many a Buzzfeed quiz, one being ‘What Taylor Swift song are you’? We completed the test and got the answer of ‘Style’ so of course that has to be the song that ends this blog! www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CmadmM5cOk


Sophie x


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