Hang on, did I do something beneficial for my CV?

Hey blog readers! This is just a short little post from yours truly. As I’ve said before, I’m really getting into the swing of blogging, and I am determined to make this more than just a little hobby. I’d love to make this the start of a career in the media industry, and as I’ve learned today, a blog can really get you and your personality out there. I do try on here…

I try to be funny, and it probably doesn’t work because typing out a wordplay is just not the same as when I speak it or say it. Plus, my accent is so standard and disgusting (in my opinion, I HATE listening to my voice back after speaking out revision notes for me to listen to on the bus…) that you’d laugh whatever I say. Two of my best friends are from the Midlands and I’m from the South of England and their accent is creeping into the way I speak. Boo you Kelly and Rob.

ANYWAY I have really got off topic from what I wanted to write about. I wanted to stay concise here but it’s just not happening is it? Okay, here we go.

So, on July 8th (I publish this on the day of the event, but you can read this whenever you want; the marvels of online publications), I was fortunate enough to attend a speed networking event with one of the biggest magazine brands in the UK and beyond. Heat Magazine is one of the biggest selling magazines, with the brand venturing into the online world, as well as the mobile application market. With a readership of over half a million, its seamless mix of celebrity gossip, fashion trends and celebrity interviews mainly attract a target audience of young adults and slightly older adults. Imagine my Mum and I reading it, but it isn’t my nan’s full cup of tea. Oh god, I have used a British cliché in a blog post.

The whole experience was absolutely wonderful, I could use lots of superlatives to discuss just how informative the whole day was. I applied for the speed networking event through a website called gothinkbig.co.uk and stated that I want to work within the media industry, but was unsure as to what path to go down within the industry, therefore I would love the experience to talk to editors of Heat Magazine and just learn. I actually love to learn, I am such a nerd.

Within the speed networking sessions, I and a few others who were also successful on getting onto today’s event asked many questions from researching and creating a story based on a potential lead (Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris was found through Heat, thanks Ellie!) to tips to getting into the journalism industry. The editors and writers gave us all an incredible first hand insight into the ‘hot’ world of Heat (another pun), and I’m itching to go on more events such as this to just absorb lots of knowledge. We met three people today, and their names and Twitter accounts are as follows:

Chris Longridge: @Chris_Longridge

Jo Hoare: @jojolizzy

Ellie Henman: @ellie_henman

I’m off to a BBC event similar to this next week, so look out for my blog post on that!

There we go, I told you it would be a short post. But today was also lovely as I purchased one of my favourite foods. Although they’re super expensive, Snog yoghurts from Leicester Square are my weakness, and their new ‘salted caramel’ yoghurt fad is a culinary dream and kept me refreshed during a busy tube and train home. THANKS TRANSPORT FOR LONDON. THANKS BORIS. Does it even have anything to do with Boris, I don’t think so. But he’s the Mayor of London so I’ll attach some blame to him. While I’m at it, THANKS KEN.

Right, instead of a song post, the ‘song’ for this entry is more of an advert earworm based on Heat Magazine. When I was younger, the Heat Magazine advert was iconic and I vividly remember going on a school trip to London singing this for a solid 20 minutes. Sorry everyone. Today, I did indeed go to London to go to Heat Magazine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvbVNv7i2qY


Sophie x


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