I Just Have Too Many Clothes.

Happy July! Happy Canada Day (I’m not from Canada)! Happy hottest day of 2015! Happy 1 Month Anniversary for this blog! I’m writing this in 33 degree heat, but I’m sitting inside for a little while because my skin is just so white that I will burn if I stay out in the sun. This is why I prefer using Fake Bake, so I can keep a lovely, golden glow whilst not harming my skin with powerful UV rays that may lead me to develop skin cancer or any other skin deformations in the future as a consequence of sizzling my skin like a bacon rasher.

I’ve always been someone who likes to make sure they are looking presentable. Obviously, nobody wants to walk outside looking like a tramp, but I do sometimes obsess over what I look like when I don’t necessarily need to. As taught by Louise Pentland, we should all accept our body images for what they are, and no one will ever overtly judge someone. Nobody will pick up on the flaws that you see inside yourself. You’re always presentable! But, there have been some outfits during my first year that I, or my mum (thanks) have bought and I have just fallen in love with them and I want to share them with you. Also, these pictures of me demonstrate my classic go-to selfie position of the hand on hip. Which, accordingly to the Daily Mail (the mecca of news!!!) shows that you are conscientious and agreeable with others.

Thank god for the capped shoulders so I didn’t get burned!

I am in LOVE with this co-ord set that shouldn’t actually be mine! My 13 year old sister originally owned this, but she didn’t like the way it fitted her, so Mum gave it to me and I just love it! (I was actually going to buy this anyway so it saved me £12). The co-ord set is from Boohoo, which is one of my favourite shops. They always deliver speedily, and they have such a vast array of outfits that I can really build up an expansive wardrobe. The head-dress thing was just an added extra that I bought for £5.99 from New Look. I originally purchased it for a 1920’s themed club night and just decided to put it on because I was going to London and I needed something to hide how limp my hair was looking that day. This definitely did the job. I wish I had more outfits like this, and I’m hoping that when my Mum reads this, she’ll buy me some. Please.

11223479_10206812583660797_2030084321309941065_n (1)
If only I had the chance to look this glam every day!

I just have Mum to thank for this gorgeous dress. As has become evident, I absolutely love my floral prints, and I probably own at least 10 different floral dresses, but this one is in a league of its own. It’s from Next, and I’m not sure how much this cost because my mum is an absolute queen when it comes to Next sales and online shopping in general. Very thankful! Anyway, it’s a pink and grey dress, with orange and silver accents, and it’s a halterneck, which you can’t really see from this image because I’d straightened my hair. I teamed this dress with some simple accessories; wearing my silver stillettos, silver clutch bag and rose gold Michael Kors watch. I felt super glam in this outfit for an awards evening last week, and I can’t wait to wear this dress again. I feel it’d be very good for Royal Ascot or any other similar day at the races. If only I had the money and lifestyle to go…


This skirt is just heavenly. I’d been looking for a midi pleated skirt for a long time, and when I went to Primark on Oxford Street a few months ago, I found this and just had to buy it! My bank account wasn’t exactly healthy at the time of purchasing it, but I’m so glad I did as I’ve not seen it in any other Primark’s. This makes me think it may have been an Oxford Street special, which is great! Plus, it was only £10!!!!!!! One of my favourite bargains of university, it wouldn’t look out of place on the rails of Topshop, Miss Selfridge and possibly even Karen Millen! I wore this outfit when I saw Katherine Ryan in Bromsgrove, and even she couldn’t believe I was sporting Primarni. She told me I looked glamourous every time I meet her, which is such a compliment. It’s just a wonderful, beachscape skirt, and once again I want more things like it.

I’m surprised my bum isn’t on show here!

Okay, so this was a spontaneous buy. One day, I was feeling very sad and sorry for myself, and bought this glittery skort jumpsuit from Boohoo and it is wonderful. I think it was £8(?) and although it is very short (I had to wear hotpants underneath for when I wore it to Drama Ball), I felt very glamourous, and it is definitely a party outfit! As evident, I teamed it with my beige wedges from New Look (which Mum bought for me one day, and I wear them on many nights out) as well as my false eyelashes from Eylure and using my Babyliss rollers. The outfit also made me feel very skinny, something which I’m not exactly going to complain about.

Hey Elle…

Okay, so I’m going to discuss both of these dresses together, as they’re both from the same brand, which is now my favourite brand, and has led me to being teased by one of my best friends about it. YES I WANT THAT CHI CHI DRESS ROB. I ALWAYS WANT IT. I am very fortunate to own 2 Chi Chi dresses, both at remarkable sale prices courtesy of the ASOS sale, and I just love them so much I want to wear them all the time! I wore the pink dress for the dance society’s ‘Pink Week’ ball, and I actually felt Elle Woods. Look at that popped leg, look at the Fake Bake, look at the sparkly heels, everything about this look is just fabulous. And this dress was bought for around £20. This, or 7 Starbucks Caramel Crème Frappucinos? I know what I’d prefer! The black dress is very similar, in that it has also has an underskirt which pads out the top layer, making you feel like a princess. Clearly though, the black dress mainly consists of lace and a mesh top half! The only sad thing is that the best selfie I took whilst wearing this dress was when I’d got back into my room after the History Ball, and it was raining, so I took a (not exactly sober) selfie and my hair is a MESS and my room is a MESS but I love this outfit too much to just ignore it.

Not 100% sober.

Okay, so there’s a tiny insight into my wardrobe. I’m not exactly a fashion blogger, because let’s be honest there are a million and one and I don’t know if I’m artsy enough or have a big enough bank account to purchase a stellar wardrobe like in top fashion blogs. But, I do like to have some outfits where for one day/night, I can feel invincible. Now, the challenge, a song to sum up this blog post. I could go all musical theatre and do ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat’ but I’m going to go with an absolutely rubbish song that it is just GREAT and that is Jenna Rose’s ‘My Jeans’ (lol). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCsbyh9yHqM


Sophie x


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