A Sprinkle of… Zoella!

So, this is the first ‘review’ that I’m actually doing on this blog, which was one of the main purposes as to why I created this blog in the first place. Well, I’ve been so busy over the past week, I’ve been unable to see any shows or commit to any shifts. However, I’m very excited to announce that the first review I will be giving is based on one of the most popular Youtubers within the young teenage girl market. I think this shows just how powerful the medium of the internet is in captivating a mass audience into accepting someone’s thoughts and ideas, something which I’d hope this little blog could manage to do one day! I went to see ‘LouiseLIVE’, the show crafted by the Youtuber colloquially referenced to as ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’ (an adorable name in my opinion).

Okay, so before the shift commenced, I didn’t really know who the person behind ‘Sprinkle of Glitter’. If I’m honest with myself, I signed up to this shift because I thought I’d make my sister jealous. I successfully managed this. But, I’ve managed to get a signed postcard of this Youtuber, so she’s happy now. If, like me, you aren’t as clued up on internet personalities as your 13 year old sister and you need to know a few details, read along:

Name: Louise Pentland

Age: 30

Fun Facts: Louise has a 4 year old daughter, called Darcy. She studied Biology and Psychology at LJMU and graduated with an honours classification. Now, she is very popular within multiple forms of social media. Since joining Youtube on January 18th 2010, she has amassed over 2 million subscribers, with over 100 million videos. Currently, she has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 1.2 million followers on Twitter*.

*These facts were as updated as possible on the date of publication of this blogpost (7th June 2015).

Youtube URL: https://www.youtube.com/user/Sprinkleofglitter/

Now, onto the performance itself. I didn’t really know what to expect when it came to a performance like this. I know that other Youtubers such as Colleen Ballinger regularly go on global tours, however with a talent such as singing, it is easy to perform on stage, take your set with you and go. But, with the main videos being on her cats, confidence and collabs (I like the use of alliteration just as much as ‘Lucy from Leicester’), I was sceptical of how the show’s format would work, and how she would be able to translate herself from the virtual world into reality. But, this was done with ease, and she had the audience in the palm of her hand from the opening video before she walked onto stage. The audience had the average age of 13 or 14, and it was clear stewarding that for many, it was the first time they had been to see a show by themselves without their parents, and it was heartwarming to see just how much they recognised themselves within a Youtube phenomenon such as Sprinkle of Glitter (I’m going to call her SofG from now on).

The start of the show saw her divide the audience into 4, something which I thought works extremely well for a show such as this, as it prevents the whole audience going into a frenzy when SofG asks for audience members to participates. The four houses were as follows: Baby Glitters, Jacrobats, #laspar and my personal favourite ‘Chummies’. Chummies was my favourite as one of the members was none other than Zoe Sugg or Zoella! I know this youtuber, and she is extremely popular and someone whom I’d love to see and now I have. Zoe Sugg looked radiant and natural, clearly there to support her chum on stage. Also, does this mean a potential Zoella tour with her brother, Thatcher Joe? Was she getting ideas? Who knows?

I digress, as per normal. Back to the show in hand. Another part of the whole show’s atmosphere which I loved was how she remembered everyone’s name from the VIP event when she referenced them during the show to the whole audience. The VIP event was held shortly before the main show. It was clear to see that SofG is particularly thankful and compassionate towards her ‘Sprinklerinos’ and wants them to feel as welcomed within the family in which she is trying to promote through her Youtube channel. This was particularly different to a similar event I went to which was hosted by the Abby Lee Dance Company, in which it was clear that money was the driving factor of the event, not the warmth and hospitality of such a jolly event, in which Louise clearly exuded in bucketloads.

It’s clear that Louise’s main aim throughout the show was to just allow the audience to have lots and lots and lots of fun, with a few tears of joy in the process if you were called up on stage. There were so many tears shed by some particular tweens that they could not even speak! Clearly, SofG has the omnipotence of a deity, not too distant from the lighting guy! I felt sorry for him, he was constantly lighting up the house and dimming lights, he did not stop. Props to the lighting guy. Well done.

Louise picked 2 children from each team (again, very clever, builds up a bond and makes a little family for you to cheer on) to represent each house in the hope to win pride! Questions such as ‘what song was playing on my Winter Lookbook?’ and ‘when do I upload videos?’ were honked in with ease, yet some such as ‘what do I sign off my blogposts with?’ stumped the children. This was also refreshing to see, as it clearly showed just how much the children aimed to impress their idol, and whether they could actually be taken back home to Northampton to live with the Youtuber, her child Darcy, and her many, many cats.

Cats was a major theme within the show. Thankfully, I’m not talking about how many CATS we need to study or how many CATS an exam is worth, but the species of animal in which Louise clearly loves. One child asked (in summary) would SofG ever become a crazy cat lady, to which Louise’s response was a resounding yes, resulting in laughter throughout the auditorium. I personally hate cats and couldn’t think of anything worse, but hey ho. One child also asked for Louise’s MCM (Man Crush Monday, I’m still down with the slang) to which the response Channing Tatum was extremely popular. That’s another topic Louise consistently referred to, men. I’m still not sure if this was totally age appropriate, as in some instances she was insinuating sexual stories. But even so, it was done in a confident, reassuring manner, which stayed true to her form and was polite. Whilst her story about throwing up on a London Midland train was repulsive, it was entertaining all the while, and certainly kept the audience amused for a good few minutes. This story closed off Act 1, leaving the audience craving for more, and a delightful selfie of Zoella and SofG.

The second half saw some particularly poignant moments, particularly when one girl asked SofG what was the best piece of advice she had ever received. This clearly took Louise aback, and got her thinking. However, she exclaimed something which I think should remain in the hearts of young people across the nation: ‘If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well’. This idea is not necessarily preached across the nation, with a growing culture of laziness and dependency, but it certainly struck in the mind of the young lady who asked the question.

Something else which struck in my mind was the topical issue of body confidence, and how she engaged with all the audience to accept themselves. People should never see themselves as disgusting, something which Louise wanted to teach. She asked all the audience to sit down if they had ever felt disgruntled with their body. Nobody did. This upset me. Considering the average age of the audience were younger than myself, it concerns me to think that body image and dysmorphic attitudes are commonplace within the social norms of young people. Young people should always accept themselves, and this is something which I am always teaching to my little sister. Confidence is key, and I truly think Louise made over 400 tweens and teenagers feel good about themselves for the first time in a long time.

Overall, the show was heartwarming and engaging; perfect for the young audience whom Louise (and indeed Zoe herself) target within their Youtube videos. It was most definitely on ‘fleek’ and everyone was engrossed into Louise Land.

I can’t leave a blog post without a song, and it has to be this! This was the first song I heard playing as the audience were walking in, plus Louise carries herself off with an attitude very similar to that of the American new wondergirl, Meghan Trainor. The song is the infamous ‘All About That Bass’: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PCkvCPvDXk


Sophie x


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