People of the world, join hands…

Hello again, and welcome to the THIRD blog post on here! Thank you for persisting through the first two entries, leading you to here. Post number 3. I do quite enjoy writing these blog posts for the world to see, even if realistically 1 person reads them. But, I did have someone from the Czech Republic reading my blog, which is all very exciting. So, if you are that mysterious Czech person, a SPECIAL HELLO TO YOU! (I’ve been to Prague, lovely place, great weather but please sort out your regulations in regards to smoking in clubs, particularly Karlovy Lazne).

That very small discussion with different nationalities leads me on perfectly to addressing the topic for this blog post. As I’ve mentioned, I am a student at Warwick University, which holds it pride on encompassing a variety of cultures within the university. They’re ‘all for integration, it’s the new frontier!’ (Sorry for that Hairspray reference, it felt very apt). At university, you encounter a lot of different type of people. People at university are all very ‘Marmite’. Everyone enters university with the aim of starting again and presenting themselves off to the world in the best way possible. But, whilst some exude natural confidence, this can be contrived and extremely false. Very attractive. This post will discuss a few brackets of people I have encountered during my first year at university.

Before I get started, I would like to make it very clear that no specific person is being targeted with any of these types. This is merely an observational post based on what I have witnessed and experienced during my first year of campus life. This post is aimed for the reader to either agree or disagree with my views. I am writing this with the intention to entertain, not to make brash comments and be rude.

Okay, that last sentence reminded me a LOT of my AS English Language coursework. Sorry.

  1. ‘They’ve got nothing in their cupboards, how do they survive’.

I speak from personal experience. Within my flat’s kitchen, of which there are 12 people sharing, there are most definitely enough cupboards for everyone to have plenty of room to store their kitchen appliances. So you’d expect all the cupboards to be full to the brim with 12 sets of knives, forks, plates et cetera… This is not the case. On last count, 7 people use it. Where do the other 5 eat? How do they function? How do they survive? Do they store everything in their room? These are rhetorical questions I find myself faced with on a regular basis.

  1. The mystery person.

You know they exist. You see their window open as you walk into the accommodation block. But we’re nearing the end of our year together and you have yet to see their face. All you know is their name. It has most definitely passed the pleasant Fresher’s introduction phase of ‘hello, my name is… I’m studying… I’m from…’ that all university students are burdened with for what feels like forever. They will forever remain a mysterious boy. Or girl.

It took me a lot of perseverance there to not reference the 1996 classic by the Australian cutie that is Peter Andre.

  1. Way, way, way too keen.

On the other end of the social spectrum to the mystery person, we have the person whose aim it is to make themselves known to everyone. Whether that be on your course, halls, social media or in the club, all they want is as many friends as possible. They will go to all lengths to introduce themselves, even if it’s 3:30am and you’re on the walk back from the taxi rank on campus and all you’re craving is your warm bed and memory-foam pillow (it really is a dreamy situation to be in after maybe too many alcoholic beverages). Often linked to a ‘try-hard’, their perservance to make friends gives off the attitude that they are false, and you will never know their real-life. All you will know is the basic facts and their Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat names.

  1. How do they do it?

You’ll find them in every situation, whether you aim to or not. From personal experience, I felt this, along with my flatmate on my 3rd day of university. The charm, the natural confidence, the wit, the natural attraction. They’ve just got everything going for them. Stay close to these people, they’ll probably be the one whose parents will give you a graduate job in a few years down the line. They could sit a finalist exam right now and probably pass with no revision. Obviously, a student at university does not just want to pass, they want to walk out with a First. Well, I know I do. But, these are the people that seem to routinely get ‘mortal’ all whilst doing better on their degree than their course peers. You find yourself asking, how do they do it? How have they been naturally blessed with such perfection? Please may I have your ways?

  1. May I have a brain cell?

The people that are just TOO. DAMN. CLEVER. Could we please share that around to everyone *points own fingers towards herself* so we can all bask in your intelligent ways? That’d be a delight. These are the people you find in seminars that just seem to know everything, in which the seminar leads to a passive learning experience, leading towards a 1 on 1 discussion. But, you know they’re not having as much of a true university experience. All they do is work. I mean, this will actually get them a great job once we’re all properly thrown into the adult world. However, as that anonymous idiom states: ‘all work and no plays make Jack a dull boy’.

The insanely clever people are not to be confused with those who consistently ask questions, talk and overall become too involved with the seminar, the rest of the participants and the tutor find out about personal territory that is absolutely just not needed. This has most definitely happened to me, but as foretold, I will not go into discussion about what was said.

  1. Mr Lover, Lover…

They have a reputation for getting with all members of the public. You form social bonds with people that have also experienced the predatory attitudes of the same human, and you discuss them. ‘Mr (or Mrs, I’m just referencing the song) Lover’ is easily able to get any sexual partner they could ever desire, yet their reputation prevents them from being able to actually form any mutual attraction with a person. However, what makes this type of person so special is that they can pull whomever they want and the other person will naturally agree and give consent, even though they KNOW of their behaviour. Do they want to be added on the tallychart they’ve mostly got in their room, drawn on a Post-It note and pinned onto their pin board?

  1. It’s not that easy, being green.

European students wear green jeans. That’s a big thing. Bright green jeans. All seasons. Green jeans. Particularly on a Thursday. This is an observation of my own in which I have nothing else to discuss on the matter.

In my opinion, I’ve done a cracking job in discussing types of people I have come across at university in a neutral, non-gender specific way that does not discriminate or pejorate* any particular individual. I’d really love to know your thoughts on this matter, and whether you’ve come across people like this and if there are any other types of people that I’ve not discussed.

*Is pejorate a word? I don’t think so, but I like it, so I’m keeping it in.

Okay, SONG TIME WITH SOPHIE. So today’s song is related to the ‘Prague’ theme at the start of this. (and it’s just come on my iPod as I’ve typed that sentence, FATE). When I went to Prague, we walked down a sunny side street and a shop was blasting this song out, and everytime I hear the song, I just think of Prague and it makes me happy. Plus, it’s an earworm of a song that I’m sure you’ve had stuck in your head for a while. Well, stick it in some more. The song is King by Years and Years.


Sophie x


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