Two Households, Both Alike in Dignity.

Hello again! I’ve made one blog post and I can already feel myself getting more hooked to writing blog posts than when I first started watching Gossip Girl. Maybe it’s because I’ve finished my first year of University and have nothing better to do with my time. Maybe it’s because I have way too much to say, so need to regularly blog. It’s probably both. No, it definitely is both, I’m a chatterbox. Well, I’ve got myself in a comfortable position and the words are flowing as free as bottles of wine at the Salutation (I hope you’ve got the reference to Steph and Dom from Gogglebox, because they are two of my favourite reality stars and I wish they were part of my family). I’m sitting comfortably, so I shall begin. Ok, so where am I right now? I’m currently writing and drafting this post with a delightfully warm fudge hot chocolate (that I got for free because I maxed out my loyalty card) and a Belgian cinnamon waffle. I wish I could say that I’m writing this outside with the warm sun cascading down onto my neck, in which I can earn a natural, dewy glow across my skin. But, alas, this is the start of British summertime, and I’m writing this from a sofa with a roof over my head, drinking hot drinks in a last ditch attempt to stay warm with Vans and socks, not my typical Primark sandals look.

I have digressed, haven’t I?

Even so, this first paragraph makes it clear how I can act and behave at university, without any consent from… well, anyone really. Before I started university, I told myself I’d throw myself into every aspect of university life. My parents told me that I should just enjoy it and ‘make good choices’ to quote my Dad. They told me I should finish university with a degree from one of the best universities in the world, knowing that I have done everything I’ve wanted to do without no regrets. So far, I’d like to think that I’ve done this, and in fact made my parents proud of the decisions that I have made. I liken myself to a modern-day, real-life Hannah Montana, with two ways of living. Even more, both lives live in total dichotomy to each other, and they never see each other. I really do get the ‘best of both worlds’.

Okay, so what parts of my home and university lives are totally different to each other?

Friendships: Bar a few individuals at home, I am most definitely closer to people that I have met at university, and I do not see this changing.  To the shock of my friends, I am the anomaly. Whilst the majority of my friends from school and sixth form remain close, and in fact have bonded even further than ever before, I find myself to have had a different experience. The people I have met at university are simply incredible, and I could not imagine my life without them. So much so, I have lost friendships with females in whom I considered my ‘best friends’ as a consequence of these new friendships, and have consciously chosen to break contact with people whom I once confided my entire life in.* However, I do not want to name them or discuss further matters within this, as this blog is in no way vindictive or wanting to encourage spiteful behaviour for those who read it. Yet, what I feel this shows is how home and university lives shape your friendship decisions. I once read something which suggested that you make friends as humans crave interactions with peers, and this was definitely the case with my home life. I’d like to stress that this is not the case for all of my home friends, as a few of them will indefinitely be my friends for life, however I just feel a stronger sense of attachment to my university friends in a way that I had never felt with becoming friends with people at home, and I don’t view this as a negative development. My closest peers at university are all of similar ages, interests, but more importantly, our degree pathways and study choices are the same, so we share the same bond of getting through our degree lives together. At university, I feel I can fully be myself, and I think this is why I have fully immersed myself into all aspects of university life. For the first time in the education system, I am comfortable with how I present myself, and do not feel judged by anyone in the status quo ways of being in a schooling environment within my home life.

*I would like to make it very clear that this paragraph is in no way aimed AT, FOR or written WITH anyone I know, and this paragraph is not written with any intention of causing a fracas. I’m no Jeremy Clarkson, I’m not that influential. I do appreciate that people read with different opinions and thoughts to others, which can create conflicting thoughts with the author of a post. This blog post is simply to express how I feel about my different home life and university life, and I hope I have not caused any offense towards anyone, as this is definitely not the intention of this blog post or indeed this whole blog.

Cooking: Food is my priority, whether at home or not.

  • Pros of being at home: I don’t have to cook/wash up/clean/get involved in any way with the process of making a meal and the food that I eat will indefinitely be more delicious and varied than the diet I find myself eating at university.
  • Cons of being at home: I snack. Badly. I guess this is why living off a student loan is a beneficial aspect of being a student. I can’t solely afford to live a life of luxury, unless I want to go into my overdraft, which is just not financially viable for my short and long term futures. Also, snacking is bad because it means I put on weight. University has made me lose a little bit of weight, going down from a size 12 to a size 8/10 (I can fit into a size 6 shirt!) and I want my figure to stay this way. Being at university means I can only eat three meals a day, thereby providing a greater nutritious routine for my body to follow. Yes, I do love being at home in that I am treated like a princess, but I don’t feel good about how I’m maintaining myself.

Treating myself: Okay, there’s no real difference here. At university, I treat myself to clothes, makeup and the occasional (although maybe slightly too many some nights) alcoholic beverage. At home, the same happens, just that I don’t have to fund every part of it. Thanks Mum and Dad x

There are so many other little differences that make my home life and university life irrefutably different to each other that one blog post just cannot comprehend. Plus, if you’ve read this whole post, you will have just wasted a good few minutes of your time, and you probably want to check your social media for the 59324926th time today. Don’t worry, I would be doing exactly the same if I was you reading this. I’m on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter more often than I really should be if I want to finish university with a 1st class Honours degree in 2017.

I just wanted to share how my households are indeed ‘two households’ that are ‘both alike in dignity’ and class, but are totally different to each other in how they work, function and live with and against each other. I thought titling this post after one of my favourite stories was extremely fitting, which leads me on to the last thing for this post, a fitting music video for you to watch and listen to.

FUN FACT TIME: I performed in my school’s version of Romeo and Juliet in 2011, and was extremely lucky to be cast as Juliet. So, for this post’s song, you will be welcomed into the world of DJ Fresh. Obviously. What other music artist could you really listen to within the world of Shakespeare? Okay, reason being that this song was used as a way to make Shakespeare ‘hip’ and ‘refreshing’ to the kids, and used as the song within the scene in which Romeo and Juliet meet and kiss (and then die, as shown through the featured image for this post). This song just gives me happy memories, and never fails to put a smile on my face.

I’ve also finished my fudge hot chocolate, so this blog post should also finish too.


Sophie x


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