That Obligatory First Post, it’s fresh (fresh) exciting.

If you’re reading this, then a giant HELLO to you! You’re taking a punt reading the first post of someone who has never blogged before, better than that, rarely writes creatively. But, I appreciate the trust you’ve put into reading this, so I’ll try and make it a bearable read. Okay, so who am I? Well, apart from being the most stereotypical ‘common white girl’ you may ever come across, my name is Sophie and I’ve just finished my first year of a History degree at the University of Warwick. Crazy stuff right there. One year ago, I was stressing over many months of revision for my exams and wondering if I was clever enough to get into my dream university. Now, I find myself in exactly the position I saw and dreamt about myself being in. I’m living independently and I’m meeting the most incredible people, making the connections I need to get a job in the future (oh, if only I could be a fresher forever). Other little fun facts about me include the following: I come from a town which, during Fresher’s Fortnight, got the responses of ‘I’ve been to that airport!’ and ‘Isn’t that one of the worst places to live in the UK?’. I like to think I’m not a typical representation of my town, but one day I was very proud of my Just Do It bag that came from Niketown and not JD Sports, so maybe I do have an inner chav. You probably read ‘common white girl’ and thought, oh god here we go, one of those people who just retweets the account on Twitter (sidenote: this is one of my favourite accounts). But, in all seriousness, I really am. I enjoy nothing more than drinking a Starbucks frappuccino and parading around the shops in the sun, feeling successful after nabbing a bargain. I also love everything in the world of Musical Theatre. I genuinely cannot remember a time when I have not been singing, dancing, or just annoying everyone around me with my obsessive theatre knowledge. I like to sing and dance all styles, and I try to take in as many live performances around me. I’m very lucky at my University, as I get to see many creative pieces, which leads me on to another little fun fact. I actually have a job working at my university’s theatre as a performance steward, in which I get to see comedians, live theatre and music for FREE. Okay, so it’s not making me millions of pounds, as I currently shop in Primark and not Reiss. But, it’s a foot on the ladder of the job industry I want to work in. I’d love to work in the media industry in some aspect, preferably in productions, researching or presenting. But, enough about the serious side of my life. As stated, I’m very new to the whole blogging process, but I do know what I want out of it. I want this blog to be an outlet to just express myself. Throughout the whole of my life, I’ve never had the chance to write freely; I’m always marked and assessed and have to write within boundaries. This is my opportunity to write as and when I wish! I want this whole blog to have a nonchalant feel to it, nothing too forced. I’m all for spontaneity, as this ramble probably shows… I should probably stop this post now. But, before I do, I want every blog post to end with a Youtube link for a song, which could either be based on the post I’ve written, or simply it’s just a song I am currently listening to on repeat on my iPod. However, because it’s my first post and it’s the ‘obligatory first post’, I’m going to let you have two links so you can see what I listen to. This first one is ‘Firestarter’ by the Prodigy, which was the song that was Number 1 when I was born (fun fact again, I’m just full of them). The second one is ‘Fresh’ by Kool and the Gang, as it’s the inspiration for this post’s title. Enjoy, Sophie x


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